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With gorgeous Cornish coastlines and stunning clifftops scattered all across the county, it’s no wonder that tourists find the peninsula so attractive.

The natural beauty and the salty aroma of the sea make for a tranquil environment, which creates the perfect ambience to play golf. After all, playing golf in nature’s cradle enhances the experience several times over.

If you’re itching to go on a golfing trip while vacationing in Cornwall, you needn’t worry. There are fields aplenty dedicated solely to the sport. In fact, the variety of golf courses in the English county is so high that newcomers may have trouble choosing the best ones.

So, to help you choose the right one, here’s a list of all the best golf clubs in Cornwall. Experience tee time like never before in the lush countryside of the county!

8 Best Golf Courses In Cornwall

1. Carlyon Bay

A great number of golf courses are adjacent to hotels and tourist accommodations, and one such course is Carlyon Bay. 

Located in St. Austell, the golf course is expansive, with a gorgeous view from the south coast clifftops. Look out to the lands beyond the water features, and feel the sea breeze brush past the fields as you traverse between holes. The views here are sublime, and the course itself is a great place to practise and play.

At Carlyon Bay, the golf course is a 72-par and 18-hole field, with six acres dedicated to practising. On-site, there is a nine-hole approach course and two putting greens as well, making the course suitable for beginner and veteran golfers.

Golf in Cornwall

2. The Point At Polzeath

An 18-hole golf course within driving range from the North Cornwall coast, the Point at Polzeath is a venue for golfers of all skills. Formerly a resort called the Roserrow, the Point has since been renewed to offer plenty to golf enthusiasts. 

The surrounding landscape, distant back trees and expansive fields make it a unique and challenging golfing experience. This course remains a tranquil golfing retreat where you can freely spend an afternoon trying to par-4 the most challenging holes. The ninth hole, in particular, is very difficult to par-4, so do your best!

If you are staying at Polzeath for an extended period, this north Cornwall golf club also offers a golf membership. Feel free to spend your weekends in the north coast at the Point at Polzeath, polishing your golfing skills and learning the intricate techniques of the game.

The Point At Polzeath

3. Newquay Golf Club

The Newquay Golf Club is a golf course created for the sole purpose of making the sport challenging while being scenic to a fault. Showcasing stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from nearly every hole, the course has a layout that promises a relaxing yet challenging golfing experience.

This club features 18 holes, with nine in the front and the back each. The front nine are rather kind to the less-experienced golfer, providing an experience that balances difficulty with fun. However, the back nine are rather challenging, which suits the veteran golfer.

Of course, being adjacent to the Atlantic, much of the difficulty associated with the course stems from the winds brought by the Ocean. If gusty, the winds can make the difficulty of finishing the course with a reasonable enough score soar sky-high.

You can visit the Newquay Golf Club for a short game of golf at a reasonable price. And in the process, you will net yourself a golfing experience that rivals the best.

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4. Mullion Golf Club

One of many hidden gems in Cornwall, tucked away in the farthest reaches of southern Cornwall, you will find the Mullion Golf Club. Boasting a massive 6,000-yard course, the links in the club are arranged immaculately. 

Find a dramatic scene awaiting you at the Mullion Golf Club, surrounded by picturesque landscapes that are punctuated ever so often by clifftops. You may also gaze upon the covered bays, nearby beaches and architecture of a bygone era from the club.

Of course, being at the most southerly point has restricted the length of the course to a certain extent. But that does not stop it from being enjoyable by any stretch of the definition. The Mullion Golf Club remains in excellent playing condition year round, while being quite challenging for golfers of all skills. Moreover, it can offer an enjoyable experience for link golfing.

While reaching the golf club can be a little difficult due to its location, rest assured that the golfing experience is worth the effort.

5. Perranporth Golf Club

Created next to the beaches of Perranporth, the Perranporth Golf Club offers breathtaking views with a splash of challenge with its link golf course. It sits atop the rugged cliffs that punctuate the beaches of the town, making it a dramatic site for the sport.

Perranporth Golf Club features a cohesive links course layout that caters to all kinds of golfers. Its design is often lauded by golfing enthusiasts as one of their favourite courses, thanks to its natural contours and creative challenges on every hole.

Find no less than 16 marker posts on the course to help you plan your first visit. And once you have explored the possibilities, test your mettle on the various links while enjoying the Cornish scenic beauty.

The expansive 6,996-yard and 72-par course has plenty to offer, making it a must-visit for beginners and experienced players alike.

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6. St. Enodoc Golf Club

St. Enodoc Golf Club is one of the finest golf courses in Cornwall, with an intricately-crafted links course that showcases stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Behold the stunning sights of the Camel Estuary as you line up and take your shots during tee times.

You can find two golf courses at St. Enodoc for varying degrees of challenge, namely the Church course and the Holywell course. The Holywell Course is the beginner-friendly variant, providing you with just enough challenge to make the course enjoyable. Expect this course to be nothing less than pristine during your visit!

Those yearning for a more challenging experience may approach the Church course instead. The undulated terrain of this course gives each hole a feel that is wholly unique, interesting and fun. This variation requires measured shots on the player’s part to score well, making the course rather challenging as well. Expect no two holes to offer the same challenge at the Church course!


7. Trevose Golf And Country Club (TGCC)

Founded as early as 1925, the TGCC is known to be the home to one of the finest links courses in the UK. This golf club focuses on balancing the sights of the Atlantic with enthusiastic golf plays, offering plenty of variation across the courses.

The Trevose golf club has three highly-varied golf courses that cater to different golfing abilities, which is ideal for vacation-goers who may drop by for a swing or two. After all, not every round has to be highly competitive.

The first of these courses is also the oldest, being the Championship Course. This course boasts the greatest golfing challenges of the three, with the stunning vistas of the Atlantic as its backdrop. A vast majority of the Championship holes are rather close to the Atlantic coastline, whilst the remaining recede inland as the player progresses.

Next is the Headland Course, which was made available for use in 1993. The difficulty of reaching each hole is not as steep as that of the Championship Course, offering an enjoyable and leisurely golfing experience.

And lastly, the golf club offers the Short Course for practice and general learning, which can help beginners get their foot into the game. It can also serve as a great warm-up location before you move on to the more advanced courses.


8. Bowood Park

Bowood Park was once known to be the largest deer park in the county, which was then developed into a stunning golf course in 1992. Measuring at nearly 6,700 yards, the park is an expansive course for golfing enthusiasts.

Surrounding the park is around 230 acres of woods that can be seen from any point in Bowood Park. And as a former deer park, you can expect plenty of variation from the renewed course. The first nine holes are situated at the Cornish hillside, whereas the latter nine are scattered throughout the River Allen valley.

As far as gorgeous sights go, be sure to check the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth holes. These holes mark the most visually interesting sights that you may find while golfing.

Final Words

Cornwall makes for a fantastic golfer’s paradise, offering plenty of courses with an abundance of course variety. If it is a challenge you seek, there is plenty of fun to be had in Cornish golf courses.

And if you’re looking to have some fun golfing in natural vistas visible from the courses, each course has a low skill bar for entry. Expect Cornish links golf courses to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when it comes to a memorable first tee.

Feel free to explore your options while traversing the Cornish landscapes to your heart’s content and make your vacation experience a memorable one.

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