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Nothing beats a traditional Cornish pasty with a gorgeous golden crust, sumptuous meat and veggie fillings with some thick gravy and a sealed crimped crust. 

A Cornish pasty is often considered a proud flag bearer of fine Cornish cuisine and comes with a rich history. As this baked delicacy has gained a worldwide reputation, its flavours and options have also diversified widely. You have the classic flavours, like potato, onion, and beef, that are hard to beat. There are also more unique options, including salted caramel, chicken tikka, and apple. 

Furthermore, many shops have been offering vegan and gluten-free options. So, whatever your taste preferences are, you’ll probably find it all while visiting Cornwall. Today, we’ll highlight the ten best stops to enjoy some drool-worthy Cornish pasties.

Top Cornish Pasty Shops In Cornwall

1. Sarah’s Pasty Shop In Looe 

If you’re in Looe strolling by the old fishing cottage and suddenly get a whiff of delicious, freshly baked pasties in the air, you are probably near Sarah’s Pasty Shop. You can often see a long queue of customers in front of this charming little shop, which has been known for making delicious Cornish pasties over the last 26 years. 

This family-owned business isn’t only known for its classic and traditional Cornish pasties; it also experiments with unique yet mouthwatering flavours. Once inside the shop, you might get lucky and see fresh pasties rolled out, crimped, filled, and baked in the bakery’s open kitchen. 

You can give into those pasty cravings and start with an “Ultimate Breakfast Pasty” filled with bacon, sausage meat, beans, eggs, and mushrooms. Or, you can indulge in the “Fishy Fridays” if you’re in the mood to try out some delicious mackerel pasties.  


2. Malcolm Barnecutt’s Bakery In Rock 

Malcolm Barnecutt’s shop is known for its classic Cornish pasties and has been producing these baked delicacies since 1930. Even after being a small local bakery chain, it celebrates Cornish cuisine in a way that few bakeries can. 

Its onion and cheese pasty is the ultimate comfort food for all pasty lovers, along with the other signature traditional pasties. Not to forget, the saffron buns are a must-have if you visit the bakery. 

As a bakery chain, Malcolm Barnecutt’s has stores all over Cornwall, including Newquay, Bodmin, Launceston, St Austell, Liskeard, Wadebridge, and Poole. But its store in Rock is the flag bearer of the best pasties in North Cornwall. 


3. St Ives Bakery

If you are in the gorgeous town of St Ives and desperately craving a freshly baked Cornish pasty, the St Ives Bakery has some delicious handcrafted pasties. You can see the shop windows decorated with colourful meringues, sumptuous pastries, and artisan bread. It’s like visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory if you’re a pastry lover! 

The bakery produces some of the best Cornish pasties that are freshly baked every day. Traditional pasties are available in a flaky pastry or a shortcrust pastry. You also get many filling choices – chicken, lamb and mint, and steak. If you want to try out some vegetarian options, you have onion and cheese. So, make sure to put your decision-making skills to good use! 


4. St Agnes Bakery

St Agnes is among the oldest bakeries in Cornwall, and its traditional pasties are some of the tastiest in the world. It was founded in 1905 and has a nostalgic feel to it as it still operates from its original location in St Agnes. The bakery is known for producing pasties by sourcing local ingredients and celebrating the local produce of North Cornwall.

This charming little bakery shop is an all-time favourite among visitors because of its superb Cornish service, along with its beautiful old-world decor and perfect pasties. Also, don’t forget to try out the giant sausage rolls, a unique and delicious St Agnes Bakery creation. 


5. St Mawes Bakery

St Mawes is an exclusive and chic Cornish town known for its luxurious, high-end hotels and restaurants. It also has one of the most authentic Cornish bakeries – St Mawes Bakery – adding to its never-ending charm. Unlike other lavish restaurants in St Mawes, the bakery is pretty affordable, and you can enjoy some authentic Cornish delicacies at a reasonable price. 

This family-run bakery is located on the quay, where you can indulge in piping hot classic Cornish pasties, sumptuous cakes, and fresh bread while enjoying the mesmerising sea views. If you don’t have time to visit the shop, order the pasties online and get these baked delicacies delivered right to your doorstep. 

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6. Pip’s Pasties In Penryn

You can’t miss Pip’s Pasties if you want to experience the deliciousness of a traditional Cornish pasty. The bakery is undoubtedly one of the best pasty makers in Cornwall, thanks to its gorgeously flaky and generously sized pasties with luscious fillings. 

In fact, the bakery is known to produce some of the biggest pasties in Cornwall, making it a favourite pasty place for visitors. So, pick up your favourite pasty while visiting the beautiful Harbour Village of Penryn and enjoy the baked Cornish treat while watching little boys fish.


7. Chough Bakery In Padstow 

Chough Bakery has been producing perfect Cornish pasty and sumptuous baked goods for the past 40 years in Padstow. The bakery is located on the quayside, and its stunning building makes it an instant attraction among visitors. You can expect to see a queue outside the bakery waiting to indulge in its world-class, freshly baked pasties. 

Not just pasties, customers can enjoy delicious cream teas while spending a quiet afternoon at the beautiful, glittering harbour. This Cornish bakery has also garnered several accolades, including winning the 2016 Cornish Pasty World Championships. 


8. Ann’s Pasties

Ann came from a family of pasty makers and started baking for her friends and neighbours. She set up her first pasty shop in Helston but soon became a much sought-after bakery in Cornwall as she opened four more shops in Mullion, Porthleven, and Lizard. 

Not to mention, the pasties are absolute flavour bombs, making Ann’s such a flourishing bakery in Cornwall. The bakery has stayed true to its origin and sources authentic Cornish ingredients from local suppliers located within a radius of ten miles. It also offers online deliveries and catering services all across the UK. 


9. Philp’s Famous Pasties

The bakery has been producing authentic Cornish pasties since the 1950s when Sammy Philip collaborated with his cousin Everett to bake and deliver pasties to the local pubs in Marazion. It’s a family-owned bakery business having seven shops all across Cornwall. 

Its traditional Cornish pasties are freshly baked every day, alongside other baked Cornish delights, such as scones, saffron buns, and decadent chocolate fudge brownies. You can easily order the tastiest pasties online and other Philp’s hampers if you don’t have time to visit the shops.


10. Gear Farm In St Martin  

Located in the lovely Cornish countryside, the Gear Farm has set a gold standard for Cornish pasties, thanks to its high traditions baking methods using classic ingredients. The bakery only uses the best local produce to craft drool-worthy pasties. 

Each pasty comes with a generous feeling of premium-quality meat, veggies, and a heavenly gravy. These pasties, along with the fresh Cornish scones and family-grown vegetables, are quite popular among the locals. You can take a look at the Gear Farm shop while visiting St Martin, close to Helston, West Cornwall. 


11. Tasty Pasties In Bude

If you’re looking for gluten-free and vegan pasties in Cornwall, Tasty Pasties offers a wide range of 25 lip-smacking pasties. The pasties are available in small, medium, large and giant sizes. On top of this, the bakery’s Cornish pasties include vegetarian, meat, and sweet fillings. Visit the store in Bude and warm up your empty belly with a delicious Cornish pasty on a cold winter day.


12. Hampsons Of Hayle

Hampsons started their pasty shop in 1966 and is known for the sumptuous meat fillings of their handmade Cornish pasties with more than 21% meat. Since they initially started their business as a butcher, they use premium-quality meats for their pasties. They also source local produce to craft their baked delicacies. 

Hampsons bakery is also known for using traditional shortcrust pastry for baking their pasties. If you’re in Fore Street or Chapel Terrace, make sure to visit their store. You can try their signature breakfast pasties, filled to the brim with sausage, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, and black pepper, and their delicious hogs pudding.  


13. Boscastle Farm Shop

The Farm Shop is not just famous for authentic Cornish pasties, but they also produce a range of soups, quiches, and pies with ingredients from their own farm. They also use meat from their own-site butchery to make the fillings for their pasties. 

The pasties are made of Davidstow cheddar or red ruby beef and served with crisps and traditional Cornish ale chutney. You can also buy their pasties and take them home to enjoy with your afternoon tea. They offer more than 4000 items, and you can even choose your favourite ingredients to take some fresh Cornish pasties at home for your family or guests.


14. Aunt Avice’s Pasty Shop At St Kew Highway 

This pasty shop at the service station on St Kew Highway offers divine Cornish pasties with generous fillings, flaky pastry crust, and flavourful seasonings. You can also find a wide selection of freshly baked delights. It’s a coveted pasty shop in North Cornwall, and you can’t miss it. 

However, if you don’t have enough time to visit the store, it offers delivery services across Bodmin in Cornwall. So, you can pick up the traditional Cornish delicacies at the shop or order them online to get them delivered right to your doorstep. 


15. Morris Pasties In Newquay 

Located at the heart of Newquay, Morris might be a small pasty shop, but their Cornish pasties are anything but small. Their pasties are extra special because they are made using a secret recipe that’s been safely guarded for more than 40 years. You can also visit the Peter Morris Butchers near the shop where the pasties are actually made.

Enjoy a beautiful afternoon at any of the beaches in Newquay while enjoying a tasty pasty since they are within walking distance of the shop. You can also order their pasties, jumbo sausage rolls, bacon and cheese turnover online for hosting and entertaining your house guests. 


16. Cornish Oven

Cornish Oven is your one-stop bakery shop if you want to try out some mind-blowing pasties with giant sausage rolls and delicious sweet treats. It has stores and pop-up vans across Cornwall, such as Pool, Helston, Camborne, Illogan, Penzance, and Scorrier. So you’re most likely to come across one while travelling through the county. 

The stores are always stocked up, offering different pasty flavours and choices between flaky and shortcrust pastries. You can also try out the frozen pasties and pop them in your oven to enjoy a little afternoon snack at home. Not to mention, Cornish Oven has a special Christman pasty, which is a favourite among customers during the holiday season. 


17. The Cornish Deli In St Ives

You can always trust The Cornish Deli to serve up some excellent options when it comes to delicious, gluten-free Cornish pasties. They are one of the few bakeries in Cornwall that understand how to keep their baked delicacies gluten-free by avoiding cross-contamination risks. 

They also offer a wide range of baked treats and various pasty options on their menu. The food is always fresh, and the customer service is so friendly that you’ll want to visit the shop every time you’re in St Ives, Cornwall. 


18. The Cornish Vegan In Truro

If you’re looking for a vegan pasty in Cornwall, The Cornish Vegan is your ultimate destination. They offer vegan options for their pasties, such as chilli, cheese, and onion flavours. Even though they don’t use real cheese for their pasty fillings, it’s almost impossible to spot the difference in the flavours. 

Additionally, their mouthwatering pasties are soy and gluten-free, making them an instant favourite among visitors. Their pasties are also available online if you want to order one at home. 


19. Over The Top In Callington

Over The Top is a family-run pasty shop renowned for its delicious and unique top crimp Cornish pasties, which taste different from the traditional side crimps. They have been offering a different take on the classic Cornish delicacy over the past 150 years. 

As a family-owned business, Over The Top has received various awards and accolades from customers and critics. They use hand-rolled pastry and locally sourced fresh ingredients to produce their top-crimped pasties. They have frozen pasties that you can order online and cook at home or try out their vegetarian and vegan pasty options.


20. Warrens Bakery 

Warrens Bakery is often famously known as the “oldest Cornish pasty maker in the world” since they’ve been bringing authentic Cornish pasties to their customers since 1860. You can always find classic pasties, like creamy chicken, cheese and onion, and steak, but they also serve up new and unique flavours throughout the year. 

They’ve produced the insanely popular vegan Thai green curry pasty, which sold out completely within days. They are currently producing some fun and scrumptious flavours, like mango and spicy chicken pasties. You can find more than 40 Warrens Bakery stores throughout Cornwall and the UK. Their complete pasty range, gifts, and hampers are also available online.


21. Pengenna Pasties 

Pangenna started selling their Cornish pasties in 1985 as they opened their shops in Tintagel, Bude, and St Ives. They have pasties of various flavours to satisfy different taste buds, such as lamb, steak and stilton, and vegetarian options. You can try out all the flavours if your stomach has enough room. 

They also have gorgeous on-site restaurants in Tintagel and Bude, where you can sit and enjoy their baked delights with a cup of traditional Cornish cream tea. You can also order their frozen pasties online and heat them up in the oven to indulge in the same mouthwatering taste of their fresh pasties. 


22. Rowe’s Bakery

You can find Rowe’s Bakery stores across Cornwall, including Truro, Penzance, Falmouth, and Helston. They have more than 20 stores in the county, making them a common household name. Their baked delicacies include sumptuous and authentic Cornish pasties, which are also available in vegan options. 

You can also try out their cocktail pasties if you want to enjoy some bite-sized delights. On top of this, Rowe’s Bakery offers an assortment of cakes, sandwiches, and paninis for a well-rounded, wholesome, hearty meal. 


Final Thoughts 

It sounds almost like a blunder to visit Cornwall and not try out a classic Cornish pasty having a generous filling and a flaky crust. Think about enjoying a beautiful, quiet walk by the Cornish coastline while feasting on a fresh, piping-hot pasty. 

Since the options are endless, you can take a look at all the local bakeries and pasty shops while visiting any harbour town or village in Cornwall. Many of the shops mentioned in our list also offer deliveries across Cornwall and the UK. So, you can order frosted pasties online, chuck them in the oven and dig into the heavenly Cornish flavours.

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