About Barefoot Cornwall

Let’s face it… exploring Cornwall is hard.

With all the information out there these days, travelers need a reliable place where they can get unbiased, researched, and informative information about Cornwall all in one convenient place.

That said, the team at Barefoot Cornwall has made it our mission to provide you with the best, most actionable information on the internet about exploring Cornwall. From real travellers with real experiences who know what the best spots are and what actually works when planning a trip to Cornwall.

Meet The Team

The team behind Barefoot Cornwall is made up of a collective of locals based in Cornwall, UK.

We realized that drawing from a group of experienced locals is better than one person running the show, which is why we’ve organized ourselves this way.

Each of our locals goes through a 3-step review process to ensure that their knowledge of the area is deep enough that our readers will find it valuable. Although there are some people with great experience, they may not be able to convey it in a way that is valuable for our readers.

If you are a local that wants to contribute to BarefootCornwall.com please reach out! You can start by filling out this form. We are always looking for new locals.

If we like your application, we’ll reach out to you!

Our Editorial Policy

The last bit we wanted to cover was that the parents that contribute to the content of this website are not perfect.

It’s likely that you may disagree with some (or all?) of the recommendations our parents make. This is totally fine and expected because let’s face it, everyone has their own opinion on what’s correct.

With this in mind, we have a three step process.

  1. There are multiple parents that review product recommendations and guides before they are published.
  2. If there is consensus that a guide is generally correct in its recommendations, we publish it.
  3. For guides that are deemed incorrect, we have it re-written and re-submitted until there is agreement in its recommendations.

If you strongly disagree with a product recommendation please contact us and we will review the issue.