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The gripping storyline of Poldark definitely hooked watchers to the show, but it is impossible to ignore its stunning filming locations. 

Cornwall is known for its alluring sites and scenic views. So, it is not a huge surprise that the makers of Poldark chose to film in this beautiful county. If you want to witness the filming locations in which the world of Poldark was brought to life, too – you are at the right place. 

In this blog post, we will walk through 21 Poldark filming locations that you can explore in Cornwall to experience the beauty of the show first-hand. Let us begin!

Top Poldark Filming Locations In Cornwall

1. Kynance Cove

Located in the small village of Kynance, Kynance Cove is one of the most popular Poldark filming locations. The combination of dramatic cliffs with crystal-clear water made this site the ideal dramatic backdrop for the Poldark TV series. 

You must have seen how the makers of this show have included several aerial shots of this site. The golden and sandy beach of this Poldark filming location acted as the perfect backdrop for the impressive scenes of the series. 

2. Porthcurno Beach

If you ever visit the south coast of Cornwall, make sure to explore the Porthcurno beach. The sandy coves of this region have been included in Poldark, and the golden sand of this site did a decent job of elevating the performance of the crew. 

While the Porthcurno beach is definitely one of the most famous Poldark filming locations, Pedn Vounder – which is located near this site – was also used as a filming location. It offers a scenic view that is similar to the former site, and you can consider visiting this beach too!

3. Penberth Cove

While you are at Porthcurno Beach, do not forget to pay a visit to Penberth Cove. It is a small fishing village that adds a perfect touch of authenticity to the scenes of coastal communities in the show Poldark. If you are an observant fan of the show, you will recognise this site as Rosina Hoblyn and her fiance’s house. 

One of the best things about Penberth Cove is its historic harbour. You will find it surrounded by several traditional cottages that add to the overall rustic aura of the region. 

4. Porthgwarra

Do you remember the scene from Poldark in which Demelza secretly watched Ross Poldark swim from a nearby cliff? It was shot in the picturesque site of Porthgwarra! Situated just a few miles west of Porthcurno, this site is known for its secluded and tranquil setting. 

Since Porthgwarra is a serene sandy beach, it was used as one of the several Poldark filming locations. The makers of the show shot multiple scenes here, and the site perfectly complemented the intensity of the emotional scenes of the show. 

5. Charlestown 

Charlestown is situated near St. Austell and is popular for being a historic port. The site boasts well-preserved Georgian architecture, which includes tall ships docked in the harbour. 

It is one of the few filming locations that truly give a glimpse into the maritime past of Cornwall, which enhanced the set for the maritime scenes of Poldark. Throughout the series, you must have observed that Charlestown has been used as a backdrop in several harbour scenes of the show. 

6. Botallack Mine

If you ever wondered where the set for Wheal Leisure and Grambler, Poldark family mines was created – it was the Botallack Mine. Being a popular Cornish mining world heritage site, you can gain a deep insight into the historical mining practices of the region.

The National Trust looks after the dramatic cliffs and weathered ruins of the spot. Botallack Mine presented itself as a decent site to represent the industrial mining heritage of Cornwall in Poldark, and you should definitely consider visiting the site. 

7. Levant Mine

As you visit Botallack Mine, you should consider driving a couple of miles towards North Cornwall to explore the Levant Mine as well. The spot is perched dramatically on cliffs and is owned by the National Trust. 

In the show Poldark, Levant Mine stands in for the Tressiders Rolling Mill. The captivating coastal views of the mine added to the beauty of the show, and people who watch Poldark for its mining theme should consider visiting the site. 

8. Holywell Bay

As the name suggests, Holywell Bay is located in the village of Holywell. This is one of the most alluring Poldark filming locations, where the sand dunes lead to a huge golden beach. 

The overall aura of this beachscape is very stunning to look at, which is why Holywell Bay is one of the most popular locations among Poldark fans (especially Cornish fans). In season 2 of Poldark, Holywell Bay depicted Warleggans Beach. 

9. Church Cove

Church Cove is located in the Gunwalloe on the Lizard Peninsula. The region is known to boast a beautiful sandy cove where the St, Wynwallow Church is situated by the sea. Since this spot is a combination of a tranquil cove, church, and coastal views – it acted as the perfect background for important scenes in Poldark. 

For instance, the protagonist Ross Poldark and Demelza got married in Church Cove. The beach located near this spot was also used as a filming location for the series so you can visit it too!

10. St. Agnes Head And Chapel Porth

St. Agnes Head is a well-known spot in Cornwall, especially known for its rugged cliffs and scenic coastal views. With Chapel Porth Beach located nearby, this region offered the makers of Poldark the perfect setting for the shoots. 

The two spots – Chapel Porth and St. Agnes Head – are connected via a coastal path, which has been used for shooting several scenes of Poldark. If you watch the show closely, you will observe that the cast gallops across the countryside of Cornwall, often in a restless mood, through this path. 

11. Bodmin Moor 

Situated in central Cornwall, Bodmin Moor is famous for its rock formations and granite Tors and boasts some historically significant sites. For instance, it has the Bodmin Jail, which was built in the year 1778 and boasts the horrifying record of the highest number of executions in the region. Of course, this site had to be used in the show Poldark. 

In the Poldark series, we could see Poldark and his friends breaking Jim Carter out of this jail. If you liked this scene, you should consider visiting the site in person to learn more about the horrors that it has witnessed!

12. Botallack 

Botallack Mine, situated in St. Just, is home to several abandoned buildings. Since this site also has remains of a historic tin mine, one can gain a deep insight as to what the Cornish mining world heritage site looks like. 

This BBC series is based on a book by Winston Graham, who was inspired by the mining history of Cornwall from sites such as Botallack. Hence, if you are a diehard fan of this show, you can consider visiting this mine to learn more. 

13. Gunwalloe

If you like the scenes revolving around the concept of shipwrecks in Poldark, then you should know that they were shot in Gunwalloe. The wreck scene was brought to life dramatically in Church Cove, which is located in this region. However, several more sites in this region are worth checking out. 

For instance, Dollar Cove is located near Church Cove in Gunwalloe, which has been named after a Spanish ship called “San Salvador.” The ship got wrecked in that spot and ended up losing the cargo that was full of silver dollars. It is believed that coins still wash up on the shore sometimes!

14. Predannack Wollas

Situated on the Lizard Heritage Coast, Predannack Wollas is a beautiful region that has been used for shooting the horseback galloping scenes of Poldark. Predannack Wollas boasts untouched natural landscapes besides dramatic cliffs and stunning seascapes. 

Hence, the overall aura of the scenes shot in this Poldark filming site was also naturally alluring. The farming done in this region does not degrade nature at all, which is why the horseriding scenes in Poldark look so magnificent. 

15. St. Breward 

St. Breward is located in the heart of Bodmin Moor. This village offers visitors stunning views and lovely weather, which is why people from around the world like visiting this rugged moorland. 

However, St. Breward also offered the makers of Poldark with a wild and rugged backdrop, which allowed them to bring a sense of authenticity to the show. The overall aura of natural isolation and beauty makes this spot very attractive.

16. Hawker’s Cove

Hawker’s Cove is located near Padstow and is considered to be one of the best filming locations in Cornwall. Like several other Poldark filming spots in Cornwall, Hawker’s Cove also helped the makers achieve a nature-centric backdrop for their scenes. 

The untouched stretches of rugged cliffs and golden sand make it all the more beautiful, which is why it was used to film several romantic scenes of Poldark too. You can consider visiting this site to experience the same serenity that the characters felt as the cast filmed the show here!

17. Stepper Point

Yet another location in Padstow that was used as a shooting site by the makers of Poldark is Stepper Point. The spot is known for its strikingly rugged cliffs and alluring coastal views. 

As you watch Poldark, you will observe that the shooting done in this location involves several panoramic shots of the Atlantic Ocean. The natural essence of Stepper Point made it an ideal spot for shooting many outdoor scenes of Poldark. 

18. Park Head

The north Cornish coast also boasts several scenic regions, including Park Head. It is located near Porthcothan and has several stunning cliff formations along with beautiful sea views. 

The enchanting atmosphere of this location enhanced the storytelling process of Poldark effectively. If you want to see where Park Head appears in the show, keep an eye out for Ross Poldark horse riding!  

19. St. Austell

St. Austell is a popular town in Cornwall. Unlike several locations mentioned on this list that act as a nature-centric background for the show, St. Austell acted as a more historically important spot for Poldark. 

The famous historic buildings, local landmarks, Cornish ambience, and more allowed this region to add depth to the urban scenes of the show.

20. Porthcothan

Situated on the northern coast of Cornwall, Porthcothan is a stunning beach region which is framed by dramatic cliffs. While it is famous for several reasons, some of the most popular aspects of Porthcothan include its golden sand, pristine waters, and of course – being a shooting site for Poldark. 

Several outdoor scenes have been shot on the beaches of Porthcothan, and you can spot them easily. You can consider visiting Porthcothan to explore the unspoilt stretches of natural beauty.  

21. Minions

If you watch Poldark, you must be aware that it does not only depict scenic views of natural beauty. This village is located in Bodmin Moor and boasts a rugged landscape. Hence, filming at sites such as Minions to level up the mystique aspect makes sense. 

Apart from being a filming spot for Poldark, this village is known for its expansive moorland, strong Tors, and historical stone formations. As such, this site perfectly adds depth to the intense and dramatic scenes of Poldark. 


Winston Graham wrote the story of Poldark, and today, it is one of the most popular shows streaming online. If you are a fan visiting Cornwall, you should be aware of all the important filming locations in this county and explore as many as you can. 

With the top 21 locations being listed above, we have finally reached the end of this blog post. Make sure to pick your Cornish spots from your favourite scenes of Poldark and visit them. 

That is all for today, goodbye!

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