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Cornwall is best known for its natural beauty, with a rugged coastline, steep cliffs, and sandy beaches.

This makes it the perfect spot for a vacation, especially since some very iconic locations, such as Mount Tintagel and The Eden Project, are located here. However, for families looking for a more exciting vacation, this British county has something else to offer – crazy golf parks. 

Cornwall has several locations for enjoying crazy golf with your entire family. This guide will let you know about the best ones to visit, along with other nearby attractions and activities worth checking out.  

16 Best Crazy Golf Locations In Cornwall

1. Cornwall Football Golf, St. Austell

This football golf park in St. Austell is the first and the biggest in the UK and has 2 crazy golf courses at Parkland and Hillside. It is ideal for kids aged five and above and is sure to provide a delightful pastime for the entire family.

While Parkland provides fun and easy crazy golf obstacles, Hillside offers more challenging obstacles for families with slightly older kids. What sets this St. Austell crazy golf park apart is that in place of golf balls, you get a football that needs to be put into the large holes. But instead of being hit by a golf club, it has to be kicked into it. 

The crazy golf course here has two 18 hole courses, which take around two hours for four people to complete, making it ideal for the whole family. There is even a clubhouse on the site for drinks and snacks with adequate parking space. 

2. Mini Golf, Holywell Bay Golf Club, Newquay

Another excellent destination worth checking out is Holywell Bay Golf Club in Newquay. This has an outstanding crazy golf course for all the family members to enjoy. It is designed to be slightly challenging, so you can practise and perfect the trickiest shots during your visit. There is a 16-hole mini golf course and two 18 hole regular ones here. 

The Holywell Bay Golf Club offers a fantastic coastline view since it overlooks Holywell Bay, making your trip quite memorable. Moreover, there is an onsite restaurant, Woody’s Bar and Restaurant, which provides a great dining experience after you return from the mini greens. 

You can also visit Crantock Beach, which lies close to the Holywell Bay Golf Club and is protected by the National Trust. 

3. Trenance Crazy Golf, Newquay

Located within the magnificent Trenance Leisure Park, the Trenance Crazy Golf is another of the best crazy golf courses in Cornwall. This Newquay crazy golf park has different levels, and the courses are adequately large, and have 18 holes making them perfect for the whole family. 

Aside from the golf course, there are other things to do as well. These include visiting the nearby Waterworld Leisure Centre and Newquay Zoo, travelling on the miniature railway, and letting your kids enjoy the exciting park with slides and swings.

There is also a boating lake, a stunning rose garden, and a cafe offering the most delicious ice creams and coffee at Trenance Leisure Park. 

4. Porthminster Beach Putting Green, St. Ives

Porthminster Beach is a famous family beach in St. Ives, where this crazy golf for families is located. This location provides a breathtaking sea view, which, combined with the peaceful setting and continental atmosphere, makes this a must-visit spot. 

It also has all the facilities you might need, like a cafe, restaurant, toilets, and families can even visit the nearby shops or participate in watersports. This beach is among the best beaches in the UK and is the recipient of the Blue Flag Award for the same reason. 

Like other golf parks here, this one has 18 holes and the 19th one was recently developed to make space for a bar where you can enjoy a few drinks

5. Penwith Pitch and Putt, Hayle

Having an exciting golf park, Penwith Pitch and Putt in Hayle is a wonderful place worth visiting with the entire family. This is another crazy golf park that suits people of all age groups and skill levels, and each hole offers different challenges and obstacles to overcome.

The course is an 18-hole crazy golf course here and a nine-hole football golf one as well. In addition, it has facilities like disabled access for the differently abled, baby-changing units and even an outdoor area for small children to play in. For refreshments, there is a tea room named Tee Time which has cakes that are baked locally, along with hot chocolate, tea, and coffee.

6. Rosewarne Manor Pitch and Putt, Hayle

Another exceptional crazy golf in Hayle is located at the well-known restaurant of Rosewarne Manor Pitch and Putt. Several celebrations and events are held here throughout the year, and the crazy golf park is located in its beautiful garden. 

Compared to many other crazy golf courses in Cornwall, this one is quite affordable, but the experience is none the worse for that. Another thing that makes this a much-recommended option is the dining experience, as the food is prepared by world famous chefs.

After practising various tricky shots on the course, you can enjoy the most delicious meals in the large garden and have the most enjoyable time. 

7. Swanpool Beach Leisure Complex, Falmouth

Swanpool Beach at Falmouth has several entertaining activities, such as watersports and a nearby nature reserve, while it’s crazy golf is one of the best. Even though it offers a slight challenge, the experience is quite memorable, and all family members, irrespective of their age, can have a fantastic time playing golf. 

After trying out the 18-hole golf course, you can visit the nature reserve, which has more than 100 species of animals and birds. Alternatively, you can hire a kayak for some water fun or let the kids spend time on the bouncer available onsite.

8. Kidzworld, St. Austell

Kidzworld Adventure Play at St. Austell is a place that is among the most visited places in Cornwall, and with good reason. There are several activities for both children and adults to enjoy, including a tiny ball pool with drop slides for babies, a canon area, a games zone, trampolines, and roller skating. 

The golf course here is unique, featuring a jungle theme with 12 holes and designed for mini golf suitable for people of all age groups. But that’s not all, as there is even a golfing competition held here that makes things even more exciting. That is also why it makes it to this list of the best crazy golf in Cornwall. 

9. Flambards Theme Park, Helston

Another must-visit location for golf enthusiasts is the Flambards Theme Park, which has several attractions and activities for the entire family. Aside from Britain in the Blitz and a Victorian village, there are family-run rides like the Pirate Ship, Jurassic Journey, and Ferdi’s Funland. For thrillseekers, the rides include Space Race, SkyRaker, and the Hornet roller coaster.

Coming to the golf course, this is designed to resemble a prehistoric landscape, where you can practise perfect putts and overcome various obstacles. 

10. Padstow Mini Golf

While Padstow is more famous for its food and beverages, it is also home to an excellent mini golf park. This 18-hole golf course, situated within the secret garden of the Greens of Padstow restaurant, is designed for crazy golf and is very well maintained. You can get a spectacular view of the Camel Estuary and the harbour from the course. 

Additionally, the mini golf park has several sculptures and unique plant specimens that will provide a great experience and make it worth visiting even for non-golfers.

11. Cornwall Gold, Redruth

Cornwall Gold is best known for being the largest showroom for jewellery in the UK, which is set in an 18-acre landscape with a rich mining heritage. This showroom produces the most exquisite jewellery using Tolgus Tin mixed with gold and silver. Here, you will find an excellent nine-hole crazy golf park that offers several obstacles and challenges for both beginners and experienced players.  

The nine-hole crazy golf is perfect for spending time with the entire family. In addition, there are other activities for families to participate in, such as pottery making and painting, and learning how to stream tin at the Tolgus Mill. You can even spend time watching jewellery designers create beautiful pieces. 

12. Gwinear Pitch and Putt, Hayle

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced golfer, a non-golfer, or someone just wanting to have a great time, the Gwinear Pitch and Putt is the perfect place to visit. It has a beautiful nine-hole golf course located in the countryside that is sure to provide you with the most fantastic experience. 

The course is challenging but quite fun and has many fairways, ponds, created bunkers, and defined tees. This makes it entertaining for both children and adults, and it is also a dog-friendly course. 

Other noteworthy features that make this one of the best places to visit for families include disabled access, a clubhouse, and free parking. Also, the clubhouse has a food menu especially design for vegans, which is another nice touch. 

13. Bossiney, Tintagel

If you’re looking for a crazy golf course in Cornwall set in a calm and peaceful location, the one at Bossiney Lodge at Tintagel is definitely worth visiting. Located next to the Bossiney Tea Room, this course has a few sloping pitches and offers several challenging and fun family activities. It has nine holes and is suitable for both kids and adults.

For those who would rather watch the sport, adequate seating is available near the course, and the area is decorated with Bougainvillea plants that make this a charming place. After playing or watching the game, you can enjoy the most delectable cuisine and authentic Cornish Cream Tea. Also, this is another place that allows dogs and has free parking. 

14. Bude Haven Crazy Golf, Bude

Bude Haven Crazy Golf is located in the Bude Haven Recreation Ground and offers an exciting experience at a reasonable price. Its location makes it easy to reach from the high street and the beach, which is why it is so popular. 

In addition, there is a cosy cafe nearby with an impressive menu where you can get a wide variety of dishes. It is frequented by both golfers and non-golfers and is great for spending time with your friends or family. 

Several other indoor and outdoor attractions at the Bude Haven Recreation Ground, such as putting and bowls, squash, table tennis, and tennis, are available at reasonable prices.

15. Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf, Newquay

With its pirate-themed crazy golf course, this is a place that almost everyone in the family is going to love. This golf course offers 12 holes, each with its own obstacles to overcome, designed for children and adults. While this course may not provide much of a challenge for professional golfers, it will surely provide you with a thrilling experience. 

Each area of the Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf is centred around different icons, such as a Smuggler’s Passage or Blackbeard’s Tavern. While most are pirate themed, some are related to local Cornish legends like King Arthur. 

For families with children, this is the perfect location to visit.

16. Woodland Adventure Golf, Saltash

The China Fleet Country Club has vast, sprawling grounds, which is where the Woodland Adventure Golf course is located. It has 18 holes which feature woodland and fantasy themes, such as mythical creatures, fairies, trees, etc. Music and sound effects also add to the atmosphere and make for a very enjoyable experience.    

Aside from that, there is an interactive pulley bridge on the stream, and depending on the season, you can see different themes, such as Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. Families can take a walk on the Woodland Fairy Trail, which goes through the nearby woods. Or they can visit the onsite Cabin Cafe and Bar for drinks, food, snacks, and ice cream. 


Cornwall has no shortage of crazy golf courses that are well-suited for the entire family. Most of these golf courses are ideal for people of different ages, so you and your children can have the most wonderful time together. Additionally, there are several other attractions and facilities worth visiting that add to the experience.

These include sightseeing spots, walking trails, adventure parks, sports, and more. As for the facilities available, these sites offer free parking and are disabled-friendly, so all family members can visit. You can even plan an entire day’s outing when visiting these places since most have restaurants or cafes offering great food, drinks, and snacks. 

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