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What better way of tying the knot with your significant other than to have a destination wedding surrounded by your friends and family?

The prospect of a destination wedding is an exciting one. Gorgeous vistas, a mesmerising atmosphere and a lovely wedding arrangement- there is plenty to love about a destination wedding.

And no place does it better than Cornwall. With unusual wedding venues that offer all you could ever wish for and more, a magical Cornish wedding can be the one from your dreams. There are choices aplenty that can potentially be the place that can fit your idea of a perfect wedding.

From a serene and beautiful cove to a place with an adventurous flair, you can find it all in Cornwall. So, let’s look at a few such unusual wedding venues in the English peninsula to make your marriage an unforgettable event!

8 Best Places To Get Married In Cornwall

1. Lusty Glaze

The Lusty Glaze is one of the most unique beach wedding venues in Cornwall. Visit the destination in a quiet cove right outside Newquay and explore the Lusty Glaze beach.

You’ll notice a never-ending seascape with a fiery sunset just over the horizon and rugged cliff-tops punctuating the cornish coastline. The location is unique and never fails to stun on wedding days with its sands that are often bathed in the crimson rays of the sunset.

At the Lusty Glaze, each wedding is personalised to suit the soon-to-be wedded couple. Moreover, the site is fully licensed for civil ceremonies, blessings, vow renewals, wedding receptions and elopements. 

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves as you stare into your loved one’s eyes. And after the main event, move on to party to your heart’s content with your friends and family. Watch the sun drown into the Atlantic and the moon take its place, marking a memorable end to a memorable day.

After the day ends, you can spend the night with your spouse in the calming coastal wedding venue. Choose from the cottage and the chalet provided by the Lusty Glaze that are mere yards away from the sand and sea. You both can then gaze into the sea from the holiday accommodation and drift into sleep with all the new memories you make. 

The Lusty Glaze is the only venue in Cornwall where you can marry legally on the beach, eliminating the need to visit a registry office. Shed the anxieties of registration, enjoy your special day at the venue and look forward to the future with your new spouse.

2. Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove is home to some of the most stunning views in all of Cornwall, making it a premiere wedding location.

The Cove is overseen by The Cornish Celebrants, who strive to add a gorgeous flair to your wedding day. With Kynance Cove serving as the backdrop, you can tie the knot with your significant other in the way that you deem fit.

Gaze in wonder as the turquoise sea strikes the rock stacks of Kynance Cove. And watch from a distance, with your soon-to-be spouse by your side, as the sun sits at the edge of the never-ending sea. The dark blues of the sea mixes with the crimson hues of the evening skies, creating a union that transcends all. Perhaps one that represents yours as well.

Take your significant other’s hand and stride across the beach with the waves barely kissing your feet. Turn your eyes away from the coast and towards the surrounding landscapes, where you will return after the day ends. The Cove is sure to make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

You can choose between music, poetry or prose readings, spiritual readings and rituals to suit your beliefs and traditions. Your beliefs and those of your significant other take precedence over all, and the wedding ceremony must reflect that. As such, you have plenty of options that facilitate this, no matter the kind of ceremony or ritual you may decide upon.

3. Knightor Winery

A wedding venue situated in Landrake, Cornwall, Knightor Winery can be an ideal spot for those who prefer an outdoor wedding away from the coastline. Suitably away from the big cities, the setting can serve as your perfect wedding venue and contribute to being the ultimate Cornish wedding celebration.

Cornish landscapes are a thing to behold, and the winery is nestled between some of the most picturesque locations in the county. Visible from all areas of the outdoor arbour, the setting offers cascading hills and orchards to witness all around.

And with stone buildings scattered across the area, the serene environment can be decorated suitably to add to its quaint feel. Overhead fairy lights, garlands and other rustic decorations pair extraordinarily well with the winery. Nighttime receptions can be held in the 18th-century barn, with its high ceilings, rustic ambience and wooden beams making for a unique wedding venue.

Once the day ends, you can spend the night with your spouse in the accommodations that include several bedrooms and living quarters. And wake up in the morning to the sounds of morning birds, and reflect on the special day you spent with your spouse.

Few places match the splendour of Knightor Winery, making it one of the most unique Cornwall wedding venues.

4. Camel Studio

Offering more than just a wedding venue, Camel Studio brings to you a wedding experience designed to be excitable and inspiring. Situated in the Camel Valley, every hill, field and stone architecture in sight is akin to a painting. 

In the morning, golden rays of the sun peek through the woods and illuminate portions of the lands, giving them a gold-encrusted appearance. And the rolling hills stretch as far as the eye can see, which can be witnessed from any corner of the secluded valley.

As for the studio itself, its wooden cow barn doors lead you to a spacious area with an abundance of light. Here, the trestle tables and cross-back chairs lean into the rustic feel, making it a perfect space for a wedding. Or, if you so wish, the wedding ceremony can be held outdoors in a stylish Sperry tent.

Camel Studio merges classic and rustic with a modern feel, affording it a contemporarily quaint feeling rarely seen elsewhere. And being a studio, the opportunities for taking pictures are endless, meaning that no moment from your special day will ever be forgotten.

Creating an intimately delightful ambience, this wedding venue can be the perfect wedding destination for those who would like a venue closer to nature. Suitably far from the urban landscapes, the studio celebrates your love in the way you want to.

5. Cornish Tipi Weddings

Based in the beautiful Cornish countryside and close to Port Isaac, Cornish Tipi Weddings is a unique venue for those with a preference for bohemian weddings. It enables you to exchange vows with your significant other in a celebration that is no less than magical.

Create a woodland wedding ceremony built around you and your significant other’s personal beliefs and wishes to make the dream wedding come true. And then, spend an entire day in the breathtaking vistas of Cornwall with your friends and loved ones as your witnesses.

Foxgloves, wild roses and a stream turn up the charm in the background as you recite your vows. You can stand by the private lake to make the moment all the more magical as you tie the knot.

The venue has no less than 20 acres of woodland, giving you access to plenty of spots for making the wedding official. You can stride through the woods and capture the unforgettable moments, click romantic wedding photos and explore to your heart’s content. And don’t forget to use props to create a themed wedding, with lanterns, flowers, rowing boats and more being a part of the selection.

Top the day off with a celebratory toast at the cocktail bar or the marquee meadow that can seat up to 300 wedding guests. And spend your night feasting on a grand dinner and enjoying drinks with your loved ones.

6. Treseren

If you fancy a quieter wedding ceremony, then Treseren can be the venue of choice for you. Cradled by the rolling countryside of Trerice, Treseren is a calm little hideaway made specifically for intimate celebrations.

At Treseren, the celebrations are calm, stylish and unique, offering a stunning setting to serve as the backdrop for a micro wedding. The beautiful coastlines of Cornwall with sea views can be seen from the idyllic venue, making the views quite picturesque and stunning.

Hold a wedding ceremony reserved for your family and closely-knit friends, or perhaps limit it to just you and the spouse-to-be. Treseren supports intimate weddings of all kinds, no matter your beliefs or tradition.

You can hold the ceremony in the homestead, the private gardens or the covered patio, as per your preference. The patio makes for a fantastic location if you expect rain, whereas the gardens are jaw-dropping during the summer.

As the night rolls around, the stars shine upon the homestead. Spend the night in the country house gazing at them through the window and look forward to a bright future with your new companion. 

Further, the culinary experts here are passionate and creative, providing you with tasty gourmet dishes, colourful salads and themed meals based on the weather. Feast on homemade cakes, tea, coffee and wedding breakfast as you begin preparations for the marriage, with the Treseren team ready to help. 

7. Lower Barns

A secluded wedding venue is its own reward, and Lower Barns understands it quite well. Sandwiched between the south Cornish coast and the Lost Garden of Heligan, the wedding venue can be the perfect little hideaway for intimate civil ceremonies.

Colourful and serene to a fault, Lower Barns offers a selection of quiet and intimate wedding spots to choose from. You can tie the knot in the Wed Shed or under the dim candlelight of the Shack- your wedding ceremony will be like no other!

After you are wedded, accompany your spouse to a self-catering hideaway that is bursting with character. Bringing you everything from luxury designs and cosy comforts, enjoy your first few moments as a couple in a stylish little room.

Make sure you capture these unforgettable moments on camera before shaking that bottle of champagne and spraying it in a celebratory spirit. And enjoy the themed wedding cake and begin your new life as a wedded couple by giving each other a taste of the sweetness. 

You can then relax in the private hot tubs and shed the pressures that come with planning a wedding and finally, hop into bed with your better half to sleep the fatigue away.

8. Tremenheere

If it is gardens that you seek as a wedding venue in Cornwall, then look no further than Tremenheere. Featuring jaw-dropping tropical and sub-tropical gardens, Tremenheere offers a variety of licensed wedding ceremony venues.

Bask in the sun, viewing the breathtaking St Michael’s Mount and Mount’s Bay from your wedding spot. The scenery is dramatic, and the gardens that surround the venue are nothing less than exotic.

At Tremenheere, the photo options are endless owing to its serene atmosphere and natural beauty. Its upper floor is nothing short of a spectacular indoor wedding spot, cradled by the surrounding gardens. And the Gallery is an oak-framed building with ample light to keep the venue illuminated throughout the day.

End the day with a wedding reception and include all the elements you deem perfect for it. Include marquee hire and catering to complete the day in a spectacular fashion.

Summing Up

Cornwall offers all flavours of wedding venues for you to tie the knot in. Coves, beaches, mountainous retreats and secluded spots are simply a fraction of the choices available to you.

While the abundance of choices may seem daunting at first, don’t let it be so! It all comes down to the very essence of what you and your significant other wish the wedding to be. Focus on the one aspect you would want from it and make a choice based on that.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you and your spouse have a special, unforgettable day at the dream wedding venue.

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