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Cornwall is much more than its beaches and scenic beauty- it’s also about the enthralling nightlife, complete with dance, drinks, and food!

Besides, there are multiple spots that combine these elements with the natural beauty of the county. So today, we will tell you all about the different nightlife activities you can participate in Cornwall’s popular towns like Newquay and Falmouth.

6 Best NightClubs In Newquay

The coastal town of Newquay is arguably the pride of Cornwall’s Northern Coast, offering scenic locations set amidst the sea, sand, and the sun during summer! And given its popularity among tourists and locals alike, it doesn’t surprise us that you can experience the best evening entertainment in the happening clubs of Newquay.

In fact, the town has seen a rise in the nightlife culture in the past few decades, with the stunning views and delicious food adding up to its party reputation. On that note, here are some places worth visiting:

1. Tom Thumb Cocktail Bar

The Tom Thumb Cocktail Bar can be your numero uno destination for spending a fantastic night with your loved ones. It draws its name from the iconic fictional folk character Tom Thumb, known for his passion for adventures and habit of getting into trouble. And it’s safe to say that this spot is heavily inspired by his passion (and not his thumb-sized body, thankfully!).

But let us tell you that this is one of the more ‘peaceful’ night spots in the county, with no hen or stag event policy. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the great atmosphere of this wonderful place. 

One of the best things about this cocktail bar is that it stays true to its cocktail bar ‘designation,’ whipping up a wide range of traditional and modern drinks. From the classic Old Fashioned to vodka-based Margarita and something fancy like the Absinthe-based Three Times a Lady, there are cocktails for every mood and preference. 

Further, you can choose to sit at the bar or grab a table, especially if you’re in a group. P.S.- Don’t forget to check the dress code online before dropping in!

2. Whiskers

Whether you’re looking to spend a fun weekend night or breaking the monotony of a mundane week, Whiskers has got your back! From live music to open mic nights, there are different events throughout the week for you to enjoy. 

Just like most nightclubs in other parts of the country, the weekend scene at Whiskers is for you to have a great night. Fridays and Saturdays, in particular, are reserved for DJ party vibes and rotating genres. But if you want to catch an Open Mic night, drop in on a Monday.

Apart from that, Tuesdays are for jazz and blues, C Bone and the Doc, while Wednesdays and Thursdays are for promoting local music. Besides, the club is open till late hours, so don’t worry about getting bored anytime.

3. Belushi’s 

Belushi’s is one of the best nightclubs if you want to enjoy a proper weekend night out, complete with drinks, good food, live music, and the best bar games. Split into two floors, Belushi’s gives you the opportunity to catch up with live sports or spend quality time with your loved ones in its cliff-top vistas. You will find this nightclub on the western end of Towan Beach. 

However, it’s the live DJ nights on Friday and Saturday that infuse life into this venue. And if you want to take a breather from letting your hair down for hours on end, head to the gaming section for a refreshing session of beer ping-pong or outdoor pool.

Moreover, the place has a beautiful beer garden with a well-crafted drinks menu with all the popular cocktails you can think of. There’s even a surfing school here, just in case you fall short of fun activities to do!

The operating hours of the club vary according to the day of the week, so it’s highly recommended to check the same on its official website.

4. Rebellion Roast House

With an extensive cocktail and food menu, Rebellion Roast House can be the perfect pre-drink club or eatery on a Friday night (or on any other night for the week) for you after a long day. But it’s the adventurous cocktail menu that got us hooked and compelled us to include the venue on this list today.

For instance, you can try the Mad Hot Mary that’s brewed with Chilli Devil Water Moonshine, served in a special ‘bacon skewer’ for adding some kick of spice to your palette. Or, there’s the crazy colour-changing Mad Hatters cocktail if you’re feeling experimental.

Understandably one of the most popular spots for nightlife in Cornwall, Rebellion Roast is conveniently located just a short walk to Cliff Road on the Great Western Beach. So, if you happen to drop in during the day, you can very well enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

5. Tall Trees

For people unaware of the Cornwall nightlife scene, it’s Tall Trees that’s largely credited for bringing nightclubs on this side of the county, particularly Newquay. One of the oldest and longest-running venues in Cornwall, it has been in operation since the 80s. And it was even awarded the top club in the South West by a popular magazine in the late 1990s.

Now functioning as a nightclub-cum-cabret destination, Tall Trees always has a fully stocked bar with beers, wines, and different types of liquors. But the cabaret shows can certainly get you entertained and even hypnotised, whether or not you drink.

6. Berties

We couldn’t have concluded the list of the best nightclubs in Newquay without mentioning Berties- the largest club in Cornwall with three rooms and seven clubs! It opened its doors to the public somewhere in the late 1970s, but its current reputation can be largely credited to the major renovation the place underwent in 1991.

The club was THE definition of Cornwall nightlife during the 1990s and 2000s, having played host to many popular DJs. And the scene is not very different today.

With round-the-year events, hundreds of drinks options and private party facilities, Berties should be a must-visit for party lovers.

3 Best Nightclubs In Falmouth

Now that we’ve introduced you to the top nightclubs in Newquay, let us take you to Falmouth, which is another venue that has grown on the culture of nightlife. This is largely due to the growing young population of students and youngsters. 

As such, some of the best clubs in Falmouth to relish the nightlife of Cornwall include:

1. Mangos

Much like Belushi’s in Newquay, Mangos has a two-level structure that satiates the cravings for lip-smacking food, drinks, and of course, the sensational nightlife of Cornwall. 

The first level of Magos is dedicated to a bar and a good selection of grill menu, while the second floor is a proper nightclub that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Not only does it make you wear your dancing shoes til early in the morning, but the place also hosts different themed nights.

The only problem? The place opens in the evening, so you can’t really drop in for lunch here. But given the other ‘benefits,’ we surely aren’t complaining!

2. Toast

Despite being one of the busiest nightclubs in Falmouth, and possibly all of Cornwall, Toast has repeatedly earned rave reviews due to its friendly staff and fast service.

Moreover, there’s plenty of room for seating and a dancing room at the back for when you feel like letting your hair down. Trust us- the selection of music that ranges from ABBA to peppy jazz numbers will compel you to visit the dance room!

Toast also has a wide range of cocktails, flavoured shorts, and a gorgeous food menu with generous portions. Further, the weekdays are no less happening at this popular venue, with comedy and jam nights for you to have a lovely time.

3. Kings

Kings is quite a transformative venue that turns from a pub to a nightclub at sundown, and DJ nights are held from Wednesdays to Saturdays. And aside from the variety of drinks, you will be impressed by the good quality food served here.

We should also mention that the place opens during the day as well, so you may even check it out for a brunch or lunch outing. 

Other Places To Visit In Cornwall For A Fun Night

If nightclubs aren’t your thing, you can try visiting other venues to spend a relaxing few hours at night in Cornwall, like:

1. The Fort Inn Pub

Another great place in Newquay, the Fort Inn Pub, is a family-friendly place with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Additionally, there’s a beer garden that offers mesmerising views of the Bay, especially under the night sky. You can also go up to the terrace to sip on your favourite cocktail or munch on tasty snacks while soaking in the beauty of Towan Beach. 

P.S.- This pub allows dogs, so don’t leave your furry friend behind!

2. The Red Lion

The Red Lion in Newquay can be a nice place to visit if you’re in the mood for some quick beers or ciders or if you simply want to eat out with your friends and family. It’s always buzzing with tasteful live music and a selection of English classic food items, with other specials like the Sunday-roast choice of meat.

3. Beerwolf Brooks

Beerwolf is one of the most unique destinations you can head to for a splendid night out with food, cocktails, and books. Yes, you read that right! 

Beerwolf Brooks has all the features of a traditional English pub with a room full of books to satiate the literary enthusiast in you. Just buy your favourite piece, grab a tranquil corner, and read on!

Other than that, there are free indoor games and a pinball machine to help you unwind.

4. Eclipse Nightclub 

Eclipse Nightclub can be the perfect place for your Friday and Saturday night parties in Cornwall. Located in the town of Bodmin (south-west to the famous Bodmin Moor), this is, in fact, one of the oldest party spots in the county. And its popularity refuses to die down anytime soon!

A lively atmosphere marked by the chartbusters right from the 60s to till date, it’ll surely make you keep your dancing shoes on all night long. Not to forget, the club has some of the best brands of alcohol at competitive prices so that you don’t have to fret about going over budget.

What Else Can You Do In Cornwall At Night?

Aside from nightclubs and pubs, you can consider visiting the popular bars here, such as the Watering Hole located on Perranporth Beach. It has the unique reputation of being literally on the beach (the only place in the UK to do so). The best time to be here would be towards the evening, watching the sunset in its full glory with a cold pint in your hands and the warm sand beneath your feet!

If you’re on the Northeastern coast around Bude, then we’d suggest the North East Wine Co. for a one-of-a-kind experience, where you can buy hundreds of types of wines. There’s also an in-house bar where you can taste practically anything from the shelf. And the friendly bar staff is always there to suggest the best ones according to your taste preferences.

Don’t like wine? Don’t worry, as the Wine Co. also has a selection of other spirits and ciders sourced locally.

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