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Visiting Cornwall (England) for its traditional fishing villages, rugged cliffs and golden beaches? 

But beyond beaches and scenic filming locations, there’s much more to discover. You guessed it right- we’re talking about the amusement arcades of Cornwall. Across the county are spread tons of amusement arcades that promise endless fun and entertainment for people of all ages.  

If you’re planning to visit amusement arcades during your trip to Cornwall, our list of recommendations will come in handy. We’ve rounded up the 8 best amusement arcades that are ideal for both couples and families. 

8 Best Amusement Arcades In Cornwall

1. The Celtic Tossers, Truro, Cornwall 

One of the best attractions in Cornwall is The Celtic Tossers which offers an excellent opportunity for tourists to try their hands on axe throwing. 

For decades, axe throwing has been a fun sport and a talented master tosser will guide you throughout the 1-hour session, wherein you’ll learn the basics of axe throwing. With all the knowledge provided, you’ll feel no less than a professional. 

At The Celtic Tossers, axe throwing starts with ninja axes; soon after, the shift is made to larger hatchets. Obviously, throwing heavy axes that land directly on the target is the real challenge. If, among all, you throw the maximum number of axes on the target, you’ll be crowned as the greatest tosser. 

It offers custom-made axes for children above 8 years, and that’s what makes it among the best amusements for families. While the maximum capacity for one session is 9 people, The Celtic Tossers can accommodate larger groups outdoors.

Moreover, flinging an axe is cardio enough- so book a session, have great fun and burn some calories. 

2. Dairyland Farm Park, Newquay, Cornwall

Every child gets excited upon seeing animals, so why not meet meerkats, ducks, goats, lambs and other farm animals on your trip? Visit the Dairyland Farm Park, a traditional family fun park, that offers the chance to visit and meet its animals. 

Home to both small and big creatures, there are 3 different zones to explore- the bug zone, the farmyard and the hay barn. You can walk through the bug zone to catch a glimpse of creepy crawlies like spiders and tarantulas. Thereafter, step into the farmyard and say hello to alpacas, llamas, sheep and other animals. 

Also, visit the hay barn to get close to animal babies like calves, lambs, sheep, goats and ponies to bottle feed them. And if you want to relax for a while, go down to the wildlife trail by hopping on the tractor-trailer. There you can spot happy little goslings and Canadian ducklings when you’re lucky. 

The farm park also offers plenty of activities for kids, from trampolines to pony rides. You can let your kids enjoy at The Arc play zone, as there are a lot of things to do. Simultaneously, you can soak in the fresh Cornish air. 

Amid all the activities, don’t forget to drop in at the Dairyland cottage socks, which offer a brilliant opportunity for a family selfie. 

After you’ve enjoyed yourself thoroughly, take a breather at the Farmhouse Kitchen or the Donut Hut and enjoy some lip-smacking delicacies. Remember that the farm park is open only between 1st April and 29th October, so plan your vacation accordingly. As far as the prices are concerned, the tickets are reasonable, and children under 80cm are free. 

3. Jungle Jack’s, Newquay, Cornwall

Tired of searching for amusement places where you can relax while your children play? Then check out The Jungle Jack’s when you visit Cornwall, and we are sure you won’t regret it. 

The purpose-built play frame of this children’s soft play area promises endless fun for kids of all ages. Among them are peekaboo bubble windows, crafty crawl tubes, an astra-glide slide, a rope bridge and challenging climbs. Rest assured, your adventure-lover child will have a good time at the spiral tube and super-fast racing slide. 

This children’s amusement centre also has a dedicated play area for babies and toddlers, where they can play safely. 

You can leave your children in the play area, grab a seat at Jungle Jack’s Snack Shack, and relish delicious food items. From jacket potatoes and pizzas to scones and sandwiches, you’ll find many items to satisfy your appetite while the little ones enjoy themselves. While you can check the detailed menu on its website, don’t forget to ask for daily specials at the cafe. 

Besides, free WiFi awaits you at the cafe, so you can browse social networking sites or read while you wait for the food to arrive. Jungle Jack’s also deserves praise for designing the seating area such that you can keep an eye on the kids at the playing site. 

At this play area, children with special needs are also welcome. Once a week, it offers ‘quiet sessions’ for children who aren’t fond of the noise and bustle of a noisy play environment. 

However, note that Jungle Jack’s does not allow outdoor food items, so refrain from carrying any. Also, leave your drink outside to avoid issues while entering the amusement centre.

4. VRcade, Newquay, Cornwall 

VRcade, a video arcade, tops the bucket list of many gaming enthusiasts in the UK, as it offers visitors the chance to step into the world of virtual reality. 

Offering more than 40+ experiences, this entertainment centre packs a powerful punch. You get to choose a VR experience from among the 4 zones- driving, activity, flying, and standing. With pedal kits, force feedback steering wheels, and bucket racing seats, you get to drive in the virtual world. 

If you prefer to fight in a mediaeval battle or confront zombies in The Walking Dead, its standing zone has got you covered. Simply take on zombie herds or team up in Tower Tag and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Also, try your hands on the Boeing 747 in its flying zone if you’ve always been in awe of pilots flying aeroplanes. Glide around the Grand Canyon or simply explore the beauty of Cornwall from the sky. 

That’s not all, and when you still have some energy left, immerse yourself in the activity zone. There you can compete against Apollo Creed in the boxing arena, dance the night away in Synth riders or simply float over the Earth. 

At VRcade, booking a session is easy-peasy- all you have to do is visit its “book now” page, select the service you want, and that’s it! However, make sure to review the opening time on the “book now” page, so you don’t miss out on anything. 

5. The Harbour Pool And Billiards Club, St. Ives, Cornwall

Those of you planning to spend your getaway at St. Ives site must pay a visit to The Harbour Pool and Billiards Club, which is among the best attractions in Cornwall. 

Nestled on St. Ives Bay, this pool billiard club offers a comfortable and relaxing environment with fabulous views of the harbour and nature. If you wish to witness the beauty of the setting sun, arrive at the place before the sun sets. Because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it has earned the reputation of a great place to unwind and relax. 

You can play snooker with your family and friends on the full-size snooker table, along with other games like darts. While playing, if you feel hungry, grab some snacks or meals to satisfy your appetite from the club cafe

Although quite a few people suggest visiting this place because of the great snacks and drink it offers, other reviews advise visiting for the stunning views it offers. Either way, you’re in for a treat! 

For those who don’t know, The Harbour Pool and Billiards Club is on Wharf Road, though you can check the map for the exact address. 

6. Raze The Roof, Penryn, Cornwall

Have you been tirelessly searching for an indoor play area that caters to the needs of people of all ages? Your search ends here, as Raze the Roof offers something for the entire family, be it a boy, girl, tiny tots or adults. 

At RazeVR, ball cannons, Astro glides, climbing walls, slides, and mega play frames promise to keep your little ones entertained. 

It offers the chance to immerse the entire family in the virtual reality world. Thanks to the spacious arena, 20 people can roam in the room and keep themselves entertained while the kids enjoy the play area. 

Dead Ahead, Shmooter, Cyber Shock, Cops vs Robbers and Ghost Mansion are a few games that you can enjoy alongside your family members. 

When you feel hungry, the BLT Bistro cafe will come to your rescue. A range of food awaits you at the children’s amusement centre, like classic burgers, nuggets, healthy salads with free fruit pots, and much more. Tea and coffee are also available at the cafe, alongside milkshakes, smoothies and slushies. 

While it’s open throughout the year, bear in mind that it’s quite a busy place on weekends. So, if you wish to enjoy your time to the fullest, drop by on the weekdays instead of weekends. 

7. Kidzworld, St. Austell, Cornwall

Whether you have toddlers or teens, Kidzworld assures tons of fun and enjoyment for children of all ages. 

Kidzworld, nestled on the outskirts of St. Austell, offers both indoor and outdoor play areas. You can allow your children to experience the thrill of skating by strapping on roller skates. Not only children, but you can also join your kids and race around the track, reliving your childhood days. 

This amusement arcade has trampolines on which your children can bounce to their heart’s content. Plus, a games zone with no less than 80 games is a fantastic addition to Kidzworld. Thanks to the beam interactive overhead projector, it guarantees an active and immersive play experience. 

For parents with little ones, the Toddler’s World is worth visiting. Basically, it is a miniature play area where your toddlers have access to playthings, slides and soft toys. Oh, and don’t worry about the safety of your child- the toddler’s play area is self-contained and secure. You can keep tabs on your little ones while they enjoy themselves. 

After exploring the small play town, head over to the Dodgems circuit, sit behind the wheels and let your children master the art of driving. Good luck if your child is over 4 feet, for they can drive themselves but if they are shorter than that, you’ll have to accompany them. 

Because it’s a family-orientated dodgems circuit, you need no reason to accompany your children. Simply take over any 2-seater car, and we are sure you’ll have loads of fun. 

Then comes the mini golf club, where you can teach your children the art of striking the ball in the correct hole. The jungle theme lends a unique touch to the golf course and you can catch a glimpse of lions, gorillas or zebras if you’re lucky enough. 

8. Eureka Escape, Penzance, Cornwall

Eureka Escape, as the name suggests, offers interactive and exciting escape rooms throughout the 3 locations- Penzance, Truro and Falmouth. 

Offering 3 escape rooms, you get 60 minutes to escape using logic and clues. Starting with the Lamona Brown Affair room, it accommodates up to 2 to 6 people, where you’ll get the opportunity to embark on the largest art heist. 

Death by Prescription is another escape room, which can be played by 2 to 6 people at a time. For a group of 7, the Cabin Fever escape room will be the best, where you’re locked in with only 60 minutes of oxygen- now that’s scary and adventurous. 

The price of each escape room is reasonable; however, you can still check the price on the website to see if they fit your budget. Best of all, this escape game room takes last minute bookings, even if the site shows no available slots. 

Summing It Up

Across Cornwall, there are a lot of amusement arcades for people of all age groups, be it tiny tots, teens or adults. Each of these amusement arcades has friendly staff, which makes the space warm and welcoming. 

Besides endless fun, these attractions offer delicious snacks and meals, so you won’t have to worry about carrying anything. Just book tickets and head over to whichever amusement arcade is close to your stay. 

Rest assured, you’ll have a good time. 

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