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Heading to Cornwall this summer break for a fun-filled family vacation? 

We bet you have decided to visit the place because of its stunning beaches, picturesque locations and delicious Cornish food. But did you know Cornwall is home to some amazing water and amusement parks? That means you can plan a day at one of the theme parks or water parks to indulge in fun activities. 

With so much on your plate already, we understand you don’t have time to search which water parks in Cornwall are the best. For this reason, we researched and compiled a list of 8 theme parks that promise endless hours of fun. 

8 Best Water & Amusement Parks in Cornwall

1. Flambards Theme Park, Helston

On the southern outskirts of Helston is perched the Flambards Theme Park, a must-visit destination for families. With a large selection of rides and outdoor and indoor attractions, Flambards has something for everyone. 

Prefer rides that run at a gentle pace? Then hop on the Western Mine train and experience life in the Old West by traversing the twisting tunnels of an abandoned mining town. 

The new mini carousel promises plenty of fun for little ones up to 10 years. Not just that, but the traditional carousel, classic tea cup rides, and rocking tub boat also pack a powerful punch. 

Equally delightful are its rides for adults. The sky-force ride spinning 360 degrees at high speeds is sure to make your heart pound. Or get on the sky swinger that will whizz you around, mimicking the feeling of a flying. 

How about a twisting ride that takes you to crazy heights before returning you to the ground? If the very thought of it doesn’t make you feel dizzy, the SkyRaker rollercoaster is a must-try. 

Another favourite family ride is the Hornet roller coaster, whose rapid turns and large drops will get your adrenaline pumping. But to calm your adrenaline rush, set out on the Jurassic journey by boarding the Dinosaur Express, where you’ll catch sight of life-sized dinosaurs.

Also, step back in time and experience the life of Victorian Britain by exploring the Victorian Village. After witnessing a life-sized street during World War I in Britain in the Blitz, witness how time stood still at the Chemist Shop Time Capsule. 

Check the website for the opening times and days to plan accordingly. 

2. Camel Creek Family Theme Park, Wadebridge

Set in 111 acres of the Cornish countryside, the Camel Creek Family Theme Park is no less than a paradise of family-friendly rides, animal encounters, and big play areas. 

Boasting thrill rides, this family theme park has rides of a different theme, each of which is named around characters. For instance, the Clown coaster will break your kids into fits of laughter by turning them round and round. Creeky’s water rush is perfect for little ones, which will sail them down the creak before splashing them into the pool of water. 

Other rides that will have your kids smiling are Dina’s dancing flowers, dizzy Diana and Swampy’s Drop. And to beat the heat, step into the water warz and splash water balloons on your family or friends. 

Creature Creek at Camel Creek is a must-visit, where meerkats, rabbits, birds, bugs, emus, deers, crocodiles, snakes, horses and little ponies will entertain you. This vibrant and welcoming visitors’ destination is open only on Saturdays and Sundays, so plan your visit accordingly. 

And if you want to save a few dollars on tickets, book tickets from the official website.

3. Oasis Fun Pools, Newquay

With 2 large swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls, and a water cannon, Oasis Fun Pools offers much more than other water parks. Because the park offers both indoor and outdoor pools, it’s ideal for all the family, including those with toddlers and babies. 

At Oasis Fun Pools, take the river rapid ride, get drenched by standing under the giant tap, and use the geyser for a good soak. Or, splash around the heated outdoor pool with your family while soaking in Vitamin D. 

After swimming and splashing, you can indulge in Cornish delicacies offered at the theme park by various restaurants. Want coffee and cakes? The Terrace Bar and Restaurant is your go-to spot for everything. 

Refuel yourself for another swimming session by eating or taking away Italian pizza from Marios Pizzeria. Fish and chips are also offered at the theme parks, so you might as well munch on them if you’re in no mood for pizzas. 

Outdoor parks with swings and climbing walls offer a soft play area for children, so they will surely have a whale of a time. 

Unlike the other 2 theme parks, Oasis Fun Pool is open all year round, from 10 AM to 6 PM. So, if you’ve been planning to visit this water park, book your tickets in advance. Moreover, Hendra Holiday Park, where Oasis Fun Pools is nestled, offers accommodation options.

4. Kidzworld Adventure Play, St. Austell

Nestled on the outskirts of St. Austell, Kidzworld Adventure Play is much more than a soft play centre. Where most theme parks of Cornwall are open on selective days or seasons, Kidzworld is open all year round. So, no matter the weather, you and your kids will have a ball. 

Trampolines, roller skating, cannon area, slides and soft play, or mini golf, to name a few, are attractions at this theme park. You should check out the newly refurbished golf area, where your child can learn golf and hit holes. 

Also, its family-oriented dodgems circuit is the perfect place to polish the driving skills of children above the age of 16. While children below 16 years of age are allowed, an adult will have to accompany them. 

Even your toddlers will have fun at this theme park, as one portion is dedicated to them. At the Toddler’s Village, your toddler can spend unlimited hours playing, thanks to the availability of slides, soft toys and playthings. 

And because a swarm of people visit this theme park on weekends and school holidays, booking your tickets beforehand will be wise. 

5. Hidden Valley The Puzzle Park, Newquay

From sea scooters and segways to oasis pools, Hidden Valley The Puzzle Park has lots of surprises for its visitors. 

Set out with your family to Nature Rangers, where you can explore the park and become a Nature Ranger by learning a few skills. You can also buy the Cornwall Segway tickets to ride the segway under the guidance of an instructor.  

For adventure-loving children, why not check out Segway minis, whose doors are open for children of 7 years and above?

Lace-up your boots and practice drills and other techniques at the Football Academy. Children above the age of 5 are also welcome. 

You can even head off on a jolly Pirate Hunt adventure around the park to find the hidden treasure. And when your legs get tired, check out the Hendra Train Land, whose train will take you on a trip around the park. 

Hendra’s Got Talent, a talent show, further doubles up the fun, where you and your children can exhibit their skills. Oh, and it’s free of cost, but make sure you arrive before the show starts because it operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

This theme park holds several festivals throughout the year, so you’d be lucky to be a part of the Easter Egg-stravaganza if you visit the theme park between 31st March and 16th April. But if you visit between September and November, you’ll get to be a part of Dinosaur Weekend and Halloween Spooktacular. 

Best of all the theme park offers a range of delicious food items, catering to different tastes.

6. The Monster Slip And Slide, Bude

Planning to spend a day at Widemouth Bay? Then, visit The Monster Slip and Slide to experience epic fun. The Monster Slip and Slide isn’t like any other slide you’d come across at water parks, as it’s 360ft long. 

Imagine the feeling you’ll experience by sliding down a 360ft slide. Inflatable rings and bodyboards are offered at the site, doubling the fun. If you have kids under 4 years, take them with you on the ride, as the owners don’t charge any money. 

The qualified staff explains every little thing about sliding down the giant slide, so you won’t feel anxious. 

On-site photographers ensure this one-of-a-kind experience is to be cherished for life, and that’s why they capture pictures. You can buy your snapshots from them to get reminded of the feelings you experienced while indulging in such a fun sport. 

When you feel hungry, the Monster Munch Team has got you covered with ice creams, drinks and food. As for the prices per person, this slide is slightly expensive, but then again, you won’t experience this anywhere other than Cornwall, so it’s worth every cent. 

7. Retallack Aqua Park, St. Columb Major

A few miles from Newquay rests another amusement park, Retallack Aqua Park, that promises to get your adrenaline pumping. Though it’s located in Retallack Resort, its doors are open to everyone. 

Book the FlowRider and experience the thrill of surfing in a surf simulator. Have no prior experience in surfing? Not to worry, as experienced instructors are there to help you surf in style. 

Wakeboarding is another thrilling activity you can indulge in at the Retallack Aqua Park. A brand new wake station, a slider, and 2 kickers await the pros, while for newbies, amazing instructors and safety equipment will allow you to wakeboard without issues. 

For the young at heart, the Aqua Park offers plenty of rides that you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Whether you wish to jump on the trampoline or bounce your way around the course, you get to decide. 

Children above the age of 6 can also access the water park but under the supervision of an adult. Once you’ve explored the water park, delicious Cornish dishes await you at the Beach Cafe. So, head over to it, cure your hunger pangs, and refresh yourself for another round of sliding and splashing at the water park. 

8. Springfields Fun Park & Pony Centre, St. Columb Major

If you reside near Newquay, check out the Springfields Fun Park & Pony Centre. From fairground rides to pony rides, this amusement park offers tons of attractions. Tots, teens, parents or grandparents- no matter which group you belong to, this park has something for everyone. 

Make memories by hopping on the vintage merry-go-round or the Halloween Express ghost train. Little ones can have fun on traditional roundabouts, little train rides and vintage cars. 

To explore the park, get on the Springfield tractor, which is free of cost. For a romantic row around the lake, take the boat and keep your eyes on the lake because you might be lucky enough to spot moorhens or wild ducks on the inner bank.

Though not a zoo or a farm, you can still catch a glimpse of and feed llamas, alpacas, pigs, and goats. 

Wrapping It Up

Cornwall is an abode of unique water and amusement parks. So, if you’re planning a trip to Cornwall this year, visiting these theme parks will make your vacation more thrilling. 

From indoor attractions to thrilling rides, these theme parks offer something for every age group and none of your family members will feel left out. 

Family members that love adrenaline-pumping rides must check out the Flambards or the Camel Creek theme parks. But for those who wish to indulge in water sports or splash around in pools, Oasis Fun Pool or Retallack Aqua Park will be a worthwhile visit. 

Irrespective of whichever park you choose, your kids will scream with joy and enjoy to their heart’s content! 

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