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Taking a trip to the UK is different from exploring other destinations because there are more opportunities of mingling with the local culture.

This makes the UK special, and one of the foremost places on everyone’s list should be Somerset, particularly Burnham On Sea. This seaside town is replete with cinema halls, parks, a golf course, and multiple adventure activities.

You can even check out neighbouring places like Brean Down, known for its scenic beauty and historical monuments. If interested, read this guide and visit Burnham On Sea for a fun family holiday!

Things To Do In Burnham On Sea

1. Wookey Hole

When drawing up an itinerary for Burnham On Sea, you will want to explore a place with adventure and outdoor activities. One mythical place with magical caves and rock formations is Wookey Hole, which lies in the heart of Somerset.

Thanks to various attractions like adventure golf, museums and indoor soft play zones, you can enjoy this place with all the family. This spot has 8 chambers, including a cheese tunnel and other unique sights.

The place is rich in history, with giant bears, hyenas and Neanderthals once residing in the caves. You will even come across tales of the witch of Wookey Hole or catch a performance from the famous Wookey Hole Circus School.

2. Weston Super Mare

If you like to mingle with the local crowds and go on walking routes, visit the seaside town of Weston Super Mare in northern Somerset. It lies close to the Bristol Channel, with locals living there since the Iron Age. 

The best things to see in this picturesque town include the Helicopter Museum, Grand Pier, and Weston Museum. There are also cultural venues like the Winter Gardens, The Playhouse, and the Blakehay Theatre.

You can reach the town by car or public transport and spend a few days learning about the culture and history of Somerset.

3. Apex Leisure

Apex Leisure is a 42-acre wildlife park that allows visitors to spend a whole day amidst nature, away from the noise of the city. This area was once popular for clay digging, and when it got flooded, the excavated pits full of water attracted wildlife from across the world.

You will come across a range of tropical birds, including the mallard duck, herring gulls (common and black-headed), mute swans, pochard ducks, cormorants, and tufted ducks. Tourists can feed the birds tiny treats or keep themselves busy with fishing or boating.

Some of the other attractions of Apex Leisure Park include – 

  • Going on gentle walks
  • Skate park
  • Play area for children
  • Picnic spots
  • Biking 
  • Radio-controlled boating

It’s convenient to reach the park by car and park in the large car park, only 100m from the lake.

4. Bird Garden

When the weather is right, and you feel like exploring the spots around Burnham On Sea, go to the tropical bird garden in Brean Down. This family-owned business lies on the edge of the National Trust land, declared an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The bird park was set up in 1972 and has been renovated to meet modern standards. It’s the ideal place for a family outing while learning about and seeing some exotic tropical birds from around the world. 

Apart from the bird sightings, you can dine at the licensed cafe, go hiking, book a place for a private party or get souvenirs from the gift shops.

5. Theme Parks

There are several theme parks in Burnham On Sea, but one the best places you can visit with the family is the Brean Leisure Park. It is easily accessible by car and lies close to M5, only 7 miles from Weston Super Mare.

Most people don’t know that the UK’s biggest free admission park, Fun City, is also here, along with Brean Splash Waterpark, Brean Play, and a golf course. There are over 40 rides that people of all ages can enjoy, complete with on-site accommodation.

Best of all, other tourist spots like the beach are nearby, and you won’t have to take major detours. It even has a vibrant nightlife for adults, so it is highly recommended to check out these theme parks.

6. Burnham Pier

Britain’s shortest pier and one structure that has retained its Edwardian features to date is the Burnham Pier. It’s one of the oldest seaside piers illuminated in bright colours and extends over the Bristol Channel.

But today, the pier is famous because you can play tuppeny falls or bingo on the pier pavilion all year round. It’s the ideal place to relax by the sea, have a nice cup of tea or coffee and spend time unwinding after touring the major attractions.

There are also several places to dine, and even the kids will have fun.

7. Sunspot Amusements

If you are interested in trying your luck with slot machines or having a go at the latest arcade games, there’s no better place than Sunspot Amusements in Burnham On Sea. The seafront amusement, also called the Fabulous Showboat, has been renovated.

You will find all the family-friendly attractions in the front, while the slot machines are placed in the back. This place has something for people of all ages and groups, so you can visit any day of the week and walk around to enjoy the different games.

8. Burnham Pool

Enjoy a relaxing dip at Burnham Pool when you are tired of constantly jostling for a place at Somerset’s many beaches. Swimming is allowed for visitors between 7 am and 10 pm, so read the website before your trip to know all the details.

Along with casual swimming sessions, the academy provides Swim England-accredited lessons, beginning at 30.99 pounds per month. And apart from the 25m pool, there are private showers, cubicles, modern facilities, and lockers.

9. Brean Down Fort

While most people explore the beaches in Somerset, we recommend you discover the history of Burnham On Sea, so head over to Brean Down Fort. Also called the Palmerston Fort, the area has been recognised as one of special scientific interest and is looked after by the National Trust.

The fort was completed in 1871 and initially had 7-inch gun casts at Woolwich Gun Foundry, complete with a large underground magazine and supporting 50 garrison officers. Later it was used as a Coastal Artillery battery during WWII.

The USP of this place is that it extends far into the Bristol Channel, offering panoramic views of the Welsh coastline coupled with scenic walking routes.

10. Fishing

A slightly different but equally fun family activity that everyone will enjoy is fishing. Burnham On Sea has several spots to fish with kids or friends, such as its many beaches, rivers or Apex Park. 

You can try out a mixed range of fishing techniques on the mud, sand, or sea wall. The best part is that the estuary is located at the mouth of the Parrot River and opens into Bridgwater Bay, which forms a part of the Bristol Channel. 

Moreover, the picturesque setting will heighten the overall experience of the trip, as you can spot the Hinkley Power Station on one side while the Quantock Hills flank the west. You can fish in peace amidst the serenity of nature.

11. Donkey Rides

Instead of taking the kids for a walk, you can book them a donkey ride to explore the wide expanses of Burnham Beach. The rides start from the jetty and last till the pavilion, which makes them quite popular in Burnham On Sea. 

These rides don’t cost much and provide a suitable alternative to a skate park or indoor soft play area by taking kids on a guided circuit. Moreover, all rides are safe, and saddles are cleaned regularly for proper hygiene.

Most importantly, the animals are well looked after, and you can bond as a family as you watch the sunset over the sea. 

12. Sandy Beaches

Of all the places in Burnham On Sea, the sandy beaches are its centre of attraction. You can visit one or multiple beaches dotted across this idyllic town. 

The main sea beach is patrolled by lifeguards, with parking and shops available on the seafront. There are also public showers, toilets, and several places for sitting and relaxing.

You will find various sea birds on the south beach, while the iconic lighthouse is on the north beach. Just remember to avoid the low-tide beaches since the sinking mud flats are dangerous.

Burnham On Sea – Is It Worth Visiting?

Even though there are several attractions, fun rides, parks, and sightseeing spots in Burnham On Sea, you might be cautious about spending your holiday in Somerset. You can wander Europe or explore other places in the UK that are more happening.

But trust us, Burnham On Sea will take your breath away. In the summer, the weather is perfect for taking a walk through its many scenic destinations, like Brean, or you can go on adventure hikes and unexplored trails.

The region is also steeped in history and promises to be fun as there are several things to discover. So, visit Burnham On Sea based on your preferred weather conditions and be mesmerised by the beauty of Somerset.

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