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Nestled along the stunning Falmouth Bay, Falmouth beaches boast golden sands and clear waters that beckon sun-seekers and adrenaline-chasers alike. 

From the bustling town centre, a short walk will lead you to Gyllyngvase Beach, proudly flying the Blue Flag status. Enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, or exploring marine life in the rock pools. 

For a family-friendly day out, Castle Beach offers shallow waters and crazy golf nearby, while Swanpool Beach, right next door, invites you to Swanpool Lake Nature Reserve with its tranquil swan-filled waters.

When the tide is low, explore the hidden gems like shingle coves and the captivating Maenporth Beach, perfect for rock pooling. For history buffs, Pendennis Castle is just a stone’s throw away, offering wonderful views of the coast.

So, join us as we uncover the best Falmouth beaches, each with its unique charm and award-winning qualities.

Top 10 Falmouth Beaches You Must Visit

1. Castle Beach

Castle Beach, nestled in Falmouth Bay, is a beloved seaside gem near the town centre. The proximity of this shingle beach to Falmouth makes it one of the area’s best. Its unique charm, with colourful beach huts dotting the shoreline, is a picture-perfect coastal escape.

During low tide, Castle Beach unveils its sandy expanse, making it perfect for family outings and paddleboarding. As the tide rises, it becomes an ideal spot for swimming and exploring the shingle cove.

With a conveniently large car park on Cliff Road, access is a breeze. The nearby coast connects to Gylly Beach and Swanpool Beach, offering various watersports opportunities, from kayaking to motorboats.

Castle Beach welcomes dog walkers and families seeking a dog-friendly environment, and its privately owned beach café serves delightful ice creams and more. Shallow waters, stunning sea views, and proximity to Pendennis Castle make it an essential stop for those exploring Cornwall’s coast.

2. Gyllyngvase Beach a.k.a Gylly Beach

Falmouth’s premier beach, Gyllyngvase Beach, stretches like a golden crescent with captivating vistas along South Cornwall’s coast and towards Pendennis Castle. 

Renowned as one of Cornwall’s top family-friendly beaches, its soft pale sands are perfect for sandcastle construction, while shelter from the wind offers calm waters. Adjacent to the beach lies the well-maintained Queen Mary Gardens, adorned with lush subtropical flora like Agapanthus and the giant-leaved Gunnera. Gyllyngvase Beach also connects to the southwest coastal path, offering stunning views of Pendennis Castle, Carrick Roads, and the River Fal.

Locally known as Gylly Beach, its name’s origin is debatable, with one theory suggesting “an gilen vas” (the shallow inlet). Another fable links it to “Gyllyngdune” (William’s Hill), referring to Henry I’s son, who perished in a shipwreck off Normandy in 1126.

3. Sunny Cove a.k.a. Arthur’s Beach

Unofficially known as a nudist beach, Sunny Cove is a hidden gem that stands out among Falmouth’s best beaches. Nestled near Falmouth, it offers a serene escape from the town’s hustle and bustle. This shingle beach, with its secluded charm, is a lovely spot for a relaxing day by the sea.

During high tide, the cove transforms into a picturesque hideaway, perfect for swimming and exploring. Paddleboarding enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity will find it a delightful spot. Motorboats are just a couple of options for those eager to explore the nearby coastline.

Sunny Cove’s shallow water makes it ideal for families, while its scenic location along the Helford River adds to its allure. After a day of swimming and exploration, treat yourself to ice cream at the nearby village, rounding off a perfect seaside experience.

4. Swanpool Beach

Swanpool Beach, one of Falmouth’s gems, stands out as a must-visit destination. This sandy beach, located near Falmouth’s centre, boasts a unique blend of natural beauty and modern amenities.

The sandy shoreline and shallow waters make this beautiful beach perfect for families. Swanpool Beach offers paddle-boarding adventures, ensuring fun for aquatic sports enthusiasts. Nearby Polgwidden Cove and Maenporth Beach complement this coastal wonderland.

Situated by the bay and surrounded by scenic landscapes, it’s an ideal place to relax and explore. Whether you’re seeking adventure or a tranquil escape, this beach has it all, making it a top choice in Falmouth.

5. Maenporth Beach

Situated near Falmouth town centre, Maenporth Beach is an exquisite sandy cove offering an array of leisure activities. Here, sunbathing, rockpooling, fishing and boating are popular pastimes, with stunning views across Falmouth Bay towards Pendennis Castle. The coastal walk towards Helford River is a treat for explorers.

Amenities, akin to Swanpool Beach, include a cafe and car parking. Adventurers can engage in various adventure sports like kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving. However, note that there are no RNLI Beach Lifeguards.

Public transport via the Maritime Train Line or Fal River Links provides accessibility. Maenporth is also reachable via a scenic 45-60 minute walk along the South West Coast Path, connecting it to Gyllyngvase Beach and Swanpool Beach.

For beach safety, the Sand Safe campaign encourages responsible behaviour, including no open fires, dog cleanliness, and litter disposal, leaving behind only footprints.

6. Durgan Beach

Located at the base of Glendurgan’s sub-tropical gardens, you’ll find the charming village of Durgan. Comprising quaint cottages, many owned by the National Trust, Durgan offers stunning views of the Helford River.

Durgan Beach boasts a mix of grey sand and shingle, with rocks and rock pools for exploration. While swimming is generally safe here, there are no lifeguards on duty.

With a strong boating tradition, Durgan features a slipway and offshore moorings. Don’t miss the annual Durgan Regatta held in August if you plan to visit next summer.

Dogs are welcome all year, and there’s a National Trust car park at TR11 5JR with a scenic half-mile walk down to the beach and village.

7. Great Molunan & Little Molunan Beach

Nestled within the protective embrace of St. Anthony Head, the Molunan coves are a hidden coastal treasure, guarded by the sentinel lighthouse overseeing the entrance to Carrick Roads. 

Across the shimmering waters, you’ll glimpse Pendennis Castle and Falmouth docks. These coves—Little Molunan, Great Molunan, and an unnamed third—grace this stretch of coastline. Great Molunan, the largest, boasts gently sloping pale golden sands embraced by low green cliffs. 

Even at high tide, a small beach lingers. At low tide, Little Molunan connects, featuring a notable cave that delves deep into the cliffs. Both coves harbour enticing rock pools and offer family-friendly shelter. 

Accessible via boat or a picturesque drive, these exclusive beaches near St. Mawes and Falmouth remain a well-kept secret.

8. Helford Passage Beach

Situated on the northern shore of the picturesque Helford Estuary, Helford Passage is a pleasant beach with a mix of sand and shingle. The backdrop features the historic Ferry Boat Inn, charming cottages, and an assortment of dinghies and boats resting on the shoreline.

For those seeking adventure, boat rentals are available here, allowing exploration of the Helford, including the renowned Frenchman’s Creek nearby. During the summer months, a ferry service operates to Helford village.

Swimming is generally safe, but the beach lacks lifeguard coverage. Swimmers should exercise caution due to river traffic, as it’s a popular launching point.

Also known as Bar Beach and Gate Beach, this spot offers facilities such as a shop and toilets and is adjacent to the Ferry Boat Inn. Parking can be challenging, with the inn’s car park primarily reserved for customers and often full during the summer season.

9. Flushing Cove

Flushing Cove, a small sand and shingle cove along Gillan Creek, offers captivating views of the sea beyond. Surrounded by the mature woodlands of Helford, this beach exudes a secluded ambience. If you happen upon fellow visitors, they are likely either launching a boat or traversing the coastal path.

Access to Flushing Cove isn’t straightforward, explaining its lack of crowds. Although a road leads to the beach, there’s no parking available. Consequently, no facilities are present. It’s simply a serene riverside beach in picturesque surroundings.

This sand and shingle beach, with shallow waters, is dog-friendly year-round. To reach it, it’s advisable to park in St. Anthony in Meneage and take a scenic walk along the coast path, as parking options near the cove are extremely limited.

10. Loe Beach

This hidden sand and shingle beach is a relatively safe spot for swimming but better known for its water sports. Fishing opportunities are excellent, especially early in the morning and evening, and you can hire small boats to try your luck! 

Loe Beach Boat Hire offers rowing boats, sailing dinghies, kayaks, and motor boats, while the Loe Beach Watersports Centre, an RYA Training Centre, provides courses in kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and more. 

Facilities include toilets, a café, water sports equipment hire, and a ferry service, with parking available nearby. Visitors must note a seasonal dog ban from Easter Day to the beginning of October.


In the coastal haven of Falmouth, Cornwall, the best beaches offer a taste of paradise. 

Whether you’re seeking relaxation on sandy shores or exploring deep blue waters, Falmouth’s beaches have it all. From the serene charm of St. Mawes to the bustling delights of Falmouth, each beach boasts its unique character. 

And when it’s time to refuel, don’t forget to indulge in a delicious menu of seaside treats and ice creams. As such, Falmouth’s beaches offer a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and culinary delights, making them a must-visit destination for every beach lover.

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