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There’s nothing quite like venturing into the jaw-dropping landscapes and stunning beaches of Cornwall with your dog by your side.

The Cornish coastline is dotted with over 150 sandy beaches that await visitors all year long. As such, the English county attracts plenty of people and their canine companions from all walks of life and every corner of the world.

There is a slight catch, though: not all beaches are dog-friendly. While some beaches uphold a seasonal dog ban, others may not allow them on the coastline at all. Of course, this is not ideal for you or your trusty four-legged friends.

Luckily, a vast majority of Cornish beaches are dog-friendly for a good portion of the year at the very least. So, let’s look at a few of them to see which dog-friendly beaches in Cornwall are a must-visit for you and your pet dog!

11 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches In Cornwall

1. Perranporth Beach

Perranporth Beach is a popular tourist attraction for activities like snorkelling, sailing, surfing, and much more. Situated next to a river that runs through it and meets the sea, the Cornish beach can be the perfect destination for you and your pup.

Dogs adore running across the golden sands of a beach with their paws making a splash in the shallow river. There’s plenty of space to run as well, with the beach boasting a three-mile-long stretch of open space. 

Sit back in the shops next to the beach, sip on a cool drink or grab a plate of your favourite food item. And if you’re feeling parched for something a little stronger, feel free to take a detour to a nearby pub called “The Watering Hole”. The pub can be a great way to relax on the beach while your pet prances about energetically.

It’s worth noting that Perranporth Beach has a minor restriction on dogs during the months of July and August. You must keep your pup on a leash during the beach visit between 10 am and 5 pm.

2. Harlyn Beach

A beach on the north coast of Cornwall, Harlyn Beach welcomes all visitors and their pets throughout the year. There are no restrictions on dog walking either; you may explore the white sands, the rocky shoreline and the nearby sand dunes freely.

For you, the beach facilitates activities, such as surfing and sea kayaking. It boasts waves that are perfect for a thrilling surf all day long while being quite safe to boot. As for sea kayaking, the activity can be a great introduction to riding the exhilarating waters of the Atlantic safely. 

There are plenty of routes for you and your dog to enjoy that connect from the beach. Go on a leisurely run from Harlyn Beach to Mother Ivey’s Bay or Trevose Head for views that stay with you long after your vacation ends.

In any case, the beach presents a unique opportunity for you and your dog to play around and explore without worrying about restrictions.

3. Fistral Beach

If you’re enthusiastic about surfing, you may have heard of Fistral Beach. This beach is a hotspot for water or outdoor sports enthusiasts, but what you may not know is that it is also dog-friendly. No matter the time of the year, Fistral Beach welcomes four-legged friends without any dog restrictions.

You can find this beach about half a mile from Newquay, which may make it just far enough away to reach comfortably on foot. Experience the scenic beauty of the coastline as you run across the length of the beach with your canine companion.

If you’re interested in surfing contests and festivals, there is plenty to enjoy as well. You cam witness beginners and pros test their skills on the impressive sea swirls and watch them glide over the waves skillfully. And if you are a surfer yourself, feel free to participate in one of these annual surfing contests.

Be sure to reach the beach earlier during the summer, as it is a high-traffic tourist hotspot. You may only have a short time to enjoy your stay on the beach before it fills up with surfers, dog walkers, and tourists.

4. Porthkidney Sands

While vacationing in Cornwall, you are bound to stay in the fishing town of St. Ives. It’s a gorgeous town with equally gorgeous vistas and a wonderful, quaint feel to it. And right next to it is a dog-friendly beach known as Porthkidney Sands.

Feast your eyes on the stunning landscapes around the Porthkidney Beach that stretch as far as the eyes can see. You can walk alongside your furry friend on the golden sands that can stretch up to a mile out to sea during low tide. And gaze upon the neighbouring Cornwall dog-friendly beaches with pale white sands that give them the appearance of a tropical wonderland.

Porthkidney Beach has been dubbed a “dog walker’s paradise” due to its length and lack of restrictions. There is plenty of room for anyone to enjoy, so feel free to visit the Sands at any time of the year!

5. Sandymouth Beach

Situated near Bude in North Cornwall, Sandymouth Beach is a family and dog-friendly beach with sights and space galore. Go for a run across its length with your dog, or simply play a game of fetch before you approach the sea.

The amount of space you get to have fun depends on how high the tide is. During low tide, you will be afforded an expansive sandy wonderland to run around with your pup, chasing sticks and playing with them.

However, it’s important to note that if your dog is older or has issues climbing hills, you may want to carry them to the beach. Accessing the lovely beach is limited because of a relatively steep walk, so you must be prepared for that. 

Having said that, the beach is dog-friendly year round and is truly worth the effort!

6. Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach is known to many as the paradise of western Cornwall coastline. Naturally, this makes it a fantastic location to take your dog as well. 

Showcasing awe-inspiring sights from its shore and pale white sand that meets the foaming turquoise seas, this beach earns its title well. This dog-friendly beach has an area dedicated solely for kids and pups alike to paddle in.

And surrounding this beach are several iconic landmarks that attract the most tourists out of all in Cornwall. You can view the Minack Theatre from the shores of the beach. And walking west from the theatre will lead you to Porthchapel Cove for a brisk walk or a wild swim. You can find much to explore in this region, and Porthcurno Beach can be at the centre of it all.

Note that the beach does have a seasonal ban on dogs during the months of July and August, between 10am and 6pm. 

7. Summerleaze Beach

One of the dog-friendly beaches you can visit in Bude, Summerleaze is a beach with access to its instantly-recognisable sea pool and canal. Like Sandymouth, the beautiful beach stretches far enough for your pup to run about freely.

Summerleaze is the main beach of Bude that is open throughout the year. Close to it is a river that leads into the sea, providing your pet with shallow waters to paddle in safely. High-energy pooches will have plenty of fun running around and playing on this beach, that’s for sure!

The beach does require your dog to be on a lead from 10 am to 6 pm during July and August. But that doesn’t mar the experience even a bit, as the views from the great beach and the gentle sounds of the nearby river make up for it. And if the restriction does feel bothersome, consider visiting the beach early in the morning or late in the evening to work around it.

8. Watergate Bay

Located in Newquay, Watergate is one of the most famous beaches in Cornwall that is often regarded to be a surfer’s paradise. You can find it just a short distance away from the town and give your furry friend nearly three miles of golden sands. This makes the beach the ultimate playground for your four-legged friend.

Find rock pools, dramatic rock formations and frothing waves crashing into the beach at Watergate. And spend your day exploring the vast shoreline, or simply find yourself a quiet little spot to relax and take in the views. Or, if you’re up for it, go for a surf on the enormous sea waves.

Outside the beach, you can find plenty of dog-friendly cafes and pubs to wind down after a full day of play. As such, you can end your playtime with a mouth-watering dish and a cooling drink while basking in the stunning crimson rays of the sun.

Best of all, there is no seasonal restriction or ban on dogs in Watergate Bay beach, making it a perfect spot for pups throughout the year.

9. Bamaluz Beach

It may be a little difficult to find Bamaluz Beach as it’s wedged between the harbour and Porthgwidden Beach. Situated in St. Ives, this hidden gem of a beach can be the perfect spot to unwind from your lengthy day trip and have some fun.

Bamaluz Beach is completely dog-friendly, with no restrictions and ample space to let your pooch run around without a leash. Visible from St. Ives Museum, the beach can be a great little retreat, provided that the tide is low. At high tide, the beach may become inaccessible.

As you visit the beach, sit down in a quiet little spot and watch your dog have the time of their life. Dogs love access to a vast and unrestricted golden expanse, and Bamaluz Beach provides them with just that.

Once your dog has had enough fun, venture into the fishing town of St. Ives and make the most of your time there!

10. Porthluney Cove

If you’re scouring the southern coast of Cornwall with your pet, consider stopping by Porthluney Cove. This is a dog-friendly beach with golden sand as far as the eye can see, providing you with views of Caerhays Castle and the adjacent gardens.

There are no restrictions on dogs, meaning that they can run around to their heart’s content. Afterwards, spend some time exploring the nearby sites with your pet by your side. It’s always a fun day at Porthluney Cove with your pet running alongside you.

If you’re traversing the Cornish lands by car, you can find Porthluney Cove about a 20-minute drive away from St. Austell. The surrounding south west coast path has plenty to see and experience as well, making it a fantastic exploration site for both you and your dog.

You can find a large car park right next to the beach, from where you can either visit the Cove or walk towards Caerhays Castle.

11. Long Rock Beach

If you’re looking to socialise your pet during the vacation, consider visiting Long Rock Beach. It’s a popular dog-walking area that is commonly visited by tourists, locals and other dog lovers. As such, your dog will find plenty of other pets to socialise and become friends with.

Just about a 30-minute walk away from Penzance, Longrock Beach can be a great place to spend a whole day picnicking with your pet. The seas look particularly vibrant during the summer, offering views to the Atlantic that are scarcely replicated elsewhere.

And best of all, there is no restriction or seasonal dog ban in Long Rock Beach. This makes the sandy beach the perfect location for a day trip, after which you can return to the comfy and welcoming town of Penzance.

Final Words

There is no shortage of dog-friendly venues in Cornwall, and beaches are no different. While a few dog-friendly beaches may uphold a seasonal restriction or ban, you typically won’t have to worry about them for a good portion of the year.

Visiting a sandy beach is quite beneficial for your dog’s physical and mental health as it gives them plenty of room to exercise. At the same time, they can find and meet new people or other canines, which can help them become accustomed to crowds and other animals. It’s a great way to make them more friendly to strangers and their pets.

And lastly, be sure to visit a sandy beach during the mornings or evenings, when the weather isn’t blisteringly hot. Sand does heat up quite a bit during the summer, which can burn your furry friend’s paws.

With that, have fun exploring the wondrous vistas of Cornwall with your four-legged friend!

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