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If you’re planning a wedding in Cornwall and wondering about the cost of a wedding car hire, your search ends here!

From classic vintage wedding cars to sleek modern vehicles, Cornwall offers a wide range of options to fit your style and budget. And thanks to my friends getting hitched in Cornwall last year, I ended up learning quite a lot about hiring the dream car. 

So, in today’s informative article, I will walk you through the process of the perfect wedding car hire and discuss the factors that may influence the cost. As such, I’ll discuss all about the different types of cars, duration of hire, distance to travel, and other services. 

Whether you dream of arriving in a luxurious limousine or a charming vintage car, understanding the pricing dynamics will enable you to find the perfect wedding transport within your budget. So, brides and grooms, make sure you read till the end! 

How Much To Hire A Wedding Car In Cornwall

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and every detail counts. From the venue to the flowers, you want everything to be perfect, including your transportation. So, given below are some factors that may influence the cost of your wedding car hire.

1. Type Of Wedding Cars In Cornwall

The type of car you choose for your wedding will greatly influence the cost. Cornwall offers a variety of wedding cars to suit different tastes and preferences. Classic vintage cars, such as Rolls-Royce or Bentley, exude elegance and charm but tend to be more expensive to hire. If you’re looking for a modern and sleek option, sports or luxury cars might be more suitable. 

2. Duration Of Hire

The duration for which you require the wedding car will also impact the price. Most wedding car hire services offer packages with a set number of hours. The packages typically range from a minimum of three to five hours, depending on your needs. If you require the car for a longer duration, additional charges may apply. 

3. Distance To Travel

The distance the wedding car needs to travel to reach the wedding venue is another factor that can affect the price. If your ceremony and reception venues are located in close proximity, the cost may be lower. 

However, if you have multiple locations or if the venues are far apart, the distance travelled will contribute to the overall cost. I even came across some wedding car hire services that have specific mileage allowances, beyond which additional charges may apply.

4. Additional Services

Certain additional services or extras can enhance your wedding car experience but may also add to the cost. For example, some car hire companies provide a professional driver who can add a touch of sophistication to your day. 

Additionally, decorations such as ribbons, flowers, or personalised signage can be arranged to match your wedding theme. So, I highly recommend clarifying what is included in the standard package and inquiring about any optional extras you may desire.

5. Season And Demand

The time of year and the demand for wedding cars can impact the pricing. The Cornwall area experiences peak wedding seasons during spring and summer when the weather is favourable, and many couples choose to tie the knot. During these periods, the demand for wedding transport is higher, and prices may be elevated. 

If you’re flexible with your wedding date, consider booking during the off-peak seasons when prices are generally lower and always check availability in advance.

Comparing Quotes Of Wedding Car Hire

To ensure you get the best deal for your wedding car hire in Cornwall, try comparing quotes from different providers. Take the time to research and gather information about reputable wedding car hire services in the area. Reach out to multiple companies and request detailed quotes that outline the services, inclusions, and associated costs. 

By comparing quotes, you can assess the value for money and choose the options that cater to your budget and specific requirements.

Budgeting Tips To Consider While Hiring Wedding Cars In Cornwall

Setting a budget for your wedding car is crucial to avoid overspending. Begin by determining how much you’re willing to allocate for the transportation aspect of your wedding. 

Consider your overall wedding budget and allocate a reasonable percentage to the wedding car. Also, remember to account for any additional services or extras you desire. 

Having a clear budget in mind will help you narrow down your options and make informed decisions.

Negotiation And Booking In Advance

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with wedding car hire companies. If you’ve received multiple quotes and found a preferred provider, you can inquire about potential discounts or package customisation. 

While helping my friend prepare for their wedding, I found several companies that were open to negotiations, especially during off-peak seasons. Plus, early booking is beneficial as it secures your desired car and allows you to take advantage of early bird discounts.

Cornwall Wedding Car Hire Companies

Here are my top recommendations for wedding car hire companies in Cornwall:

A. Cornwall VW Wedding Hire

They offer a fantastic selection of timeless classics, like vintage Volkswagens, meticulously restored and upholstered. Whether you prefer a full cream campervan or a delightful green Beetle, they have options to suit every taste. 

What sets them apart is their transparent pricing and affordability, with no hidden costs.

B. Boscarn Wedding Cars

If you’re seeking professional chauffeur-driven wedding car hire, look no further than Boscarn Wedding Cars. This reputable, locally-owned, and family-operated business is known for its competitive prices and dependable service. When you choose their luxury car hire, you’ll receive vehicle ribbons and flowers, along with a complimentary bottle of champagne to celebrate your special moment.

C. Wedding And Executive Car Hire 

Wedding and Executive Car Hire offers luxury wedding cars, affordable rates, and dedicated service, making them an excellent choice. Their fleet features a small yet diverse selection of stunning vehicles. 

The vintage-inspired Bramwith, adorned in old English white with dark burgundy accents, exudes a timeless and sophisticated charm. Similarly, their elegant Beauford Convertible, also in old English white, captures a classic aesthetic. 

D. Perfect Choice Cars 

Perfect Choice Cars, a family-operated business, is dedicated to ensuring that your wedding is both elegant and comfortable. Their team provides a warm and soothing service, alleviating any wedding-related concerns you may have. The fleet comprises exquisite models from renowned brands such as Rolls Royce, Rover, and Jaguar and even includes a luxurious limousine. Reach out to them today to receive a no-obligation quote

That said, some of the most popular car models for weddings include VW Campervan, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, character vehicles and American cars, etc.  


So, you see, whether you opt for a chauffeur-driven wedding car hire or a self-drive option, various factors can impact the cost. The type of car, duration of hire, distance to travel, additional services, and seasonal demand are all important aspects to consider when budgeting for your wedding car. 

By researching, comparing quotes, and negotiating, you can find the perfect wedding car within your budget and make a grand entrance on your big day!

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