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Welcome to the picturesque shores of Cornwall, where the sun-kissed sands meet the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Cornwall’s coastline is a treasure trove of stunning swimming beaches, each with its unique charm and allure. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the best swimming beaches this enchanting region has to offer. 

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer seeking challenging waves, a family in search of calm and shallow waters, or simply a beach enthusiast looking for the perfect spot to relax and unwind, Cornwall has it all. 

So, pack your swimsuit and sunscreen as we dive into the top aquatic destinations in this coastal paradise.

Top 20 Swimming Beaches In Cornwall County

1. St. Ives Bay Beach

Nestled on the north coast of western Cornwall, St Ives Bay Beach boasts a vast expanse of golden sands, perfect for long walks and sea swimming. With lifeguard cover and a beach bar, it’s a safe and enjoyable destination for families. The town centre is just a short walk away, offering a taste of Cornwall’s charm.

2. Porthmeor Beach

Located on the North Cornish Coast near St. Ives Bay, Porthmeor Beach is part of Cornwall’s area of outstanding natural beauty and is a prime spot for surf enthusiasts. Towering cliffs cover one side of this sandy beach, allowing you to enjoy the dramatic views before going for a swim. Also, you should not miss the interesting rock pools at low tide.

3. Trevaunance Cove Beach

Located on the North Coast of Cornwall, Trevaunance Cove Beach is another hidden gem for swimming. This sandy beach is nestled amid dramatic cliffs, making it a stunning beach with a sense of seclusion. 

It’s a popular choice for those seeking wild swimming adventures, with lifeguards ensuring beach safety. Trevaunance Cove Beach is known for its golden sand and offers access to the coastal path for scenic walks. While parking can be limited, it’s worth the effort to explore this picturesque North Cornwall beach.

4. Carbis Bay Beach

Another true gem on the north coast, Carbis Bay Beach boasts turquoise waters and is known for its extremely safe swimming conditions. It has a sheltered cove that makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and offers easy access from the town centre. Besides, there are parking facilities nearby, which makes it convenient for visitors.

5. Perranporth Beach

The Perranporth Beach is another popular destination on the north coast, known for its extensive sandy beach and rock pools. With a surf school and a lifeguard cover, it’s safe for all ages. Craggy cliffs provide a striking backdrop, while the mild to strong waves make it a challenging place for regular and wild swimming activities.

6. Gyllyngvase Beach

Located in South Cornwall, Gyllyngvase Beach is one of the best Blue Flag beaches, with pristine golden sands and safe swimming conditions. It’s just a short walk from the town centre, making it a convenient choice for beachgoers. You can enjoy the coastal path and explore the nearby rock pools.

7. Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove, located on the Lizard Peninsula on the South Coast, is often considered one of Cornwall’s most stunning beaches for swimming. Accessible via a short walk from the car park, this shingle beach is nestled amid dramatic cliffs and boasts turquoise waters. Kynance Cove is a favourite for wild swimming enthusiasts and nature lovers, with the coastal path providing breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

8. Porthcurnick Beach

Situated on the southern coast of Cornwall near Falmouth, Porthcurnick Beach is a sandy cove with stunning views of the Lizard Peninsula. This sandy beach is perfect for a tranquil escape, and there are interesting rock pools to discover. The water is relatively calm and clear, which makes it an ideal place to go swimming. Also, don’t forget to visit the beach bar for refreshments after you are done.

9. Fistral Beach

The Fistral Beach is situated at Newquay on the North Coast and is easily one of the most popular beaches in the county. Fistral Beach is a mecca for surfers, with its consistent waves and surf schools. 

That said, it does offer great opportunities for experienced swimmers, too. Towering cliffs and rocky paths add to the rugged charm of this beach. On a hot summer’s day, it’s a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts.

10. Swanpool Beach

Located at Falmouth in south Cornwall, Swanpool Beach is a sheltered sand and shingle beach that has crystal-clear waters and white sands. It’s a family-friendly destination with a lifeguard cover to ensure the safety of swimmers. 

What’s more, you get interesting activities like crazy golf, which provides ample entertainment. You can also go hiking on the nearby south-west coast path after spending a day at the beach.

11. Summerleaze Beach

Summerleaze Beach, situated in the charming town of Bude on the North Cornwall coast, is one of the area’s most beloved sandy beaches. With easy access and a car park nearby, it’s a convenient choice for visitors. 

Summerleaze is renowned for its pristine golden sands and safe swimming conditions. Its location on the North Cornwall coast provides a backdrop of dramatic cliffs, making it one of the region’s best beaches.

12. Daymer Bay Beach

Situated on the North Cornish Coast, Daymer Bay Beach is known for its safe swimming conditions in the Camel Estuary. The sandy beach and stunning white gold sand make it a picturesque spot for beachgoers. There’s a coastal path for those who love to explore.

13. Harlyn Bay Beach

Located on the North Coast, Harlyn Bay Beach is a popular beach among visitors, thanks to its amenities. There are bars nearby for refreshments and lifeguard cover for the safety of swimmers. Its sandy shores and rocky cliffs make it an ideal location for families and surfers alike.

14. Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach on the South Coast is a breathtaking destination with its white sands and towering cliffs. Known for its white gold sand and gentle waves, it’s an idyllic spot for beach lovers and swimmers alike. The nearby Minack Theatre adds a touch of culture to your visit.

15. Porthminster Beach

Close to the town centre of St. Ives, Porthminster Beach offers a tranquil escape with its sandy shores. This Blue Flag beach on the North Coast is perfect for swimming and relaxation. While swimming, you can enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding coastline.

16. Carlyon Bay Beach

Nestled on the South Coast near St. Austell, Carlyon Bay Beach is a large sandy beach with easy access and parking nearby. It’s a gorgeous beach with lifeguards, which ensures that swimmers get the necessary safety while swimming. Besides, with its specious golden sands, you won’t have to worry about space concerns either.

17. Pendower Beach

Located on the South Coast of Cornwall, Pendower Beach is a sandy haven with a mix of sand and shingle. It’s a quieter alternative to some of the more popular beaches, perfect for those seeking a tranquil swimming experience. With its stunning beach views and access to the coastal path, Pendower Beach is a hidden gem among Cornwall’s sandy beaches.

18. Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove is a picturesque sandy beach situated in south-west Cornwall near Land’s End, and it is known for its vast expanse of golden sand. It’s one of the best beaches in Cornwall for surfers and families alike. 

With lifeguard cover and a car park nearby, it offers a safe and convenient spot for swimmers. The dramatic cliffs surrounding the cove add to its charm, making it a stunning beach for both relaxation and adventure.

19. Watergate Bay Beach

Located on the North Coast near Newquay, Watergate Bay Beach is a popular destination for surfers and swimmers, thanks to its consistent waves and the abundance of surf and swimming schools. The beach is flanked by towering cliffs and offers breathtaking views on a sunny day.

20. Praa Sands Beach

Praa Sands is a South Cornwall gem known for its long stretches of golden sand and outstanding natural beauty. With its convenient car park, it’s easily accessible for visitors looking to explore some of the best Cornwall beaches. 

Praa Sands holds the prestigious Blue Flag status, ensuring beach safety and clean waters for swimming and other water sports. The dramatic cliffs in the vicinity add to its allure, making it a stunning beach for all to enjoy.

Final Words

In conclusion, Cornwall’s coastline is a treasure trove of diverse and breathtaking beaches, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. 

From the dramatic cliffs of Kynance Cove to the vast golden sands of Sennen Cove, these coastal gems cater to every beachgoer’s desires. Whether you seek wild swimming adventures, family-friendly Blue Flag beaches, or tranquil escapes, Cornwall has it all. 

With lifeguard cover, convenient car parks, and access to the coastal path, safety and exploration are assured. These stunning beaches, scattered along the North and South Cornwall coasts, make this region a must-visit for those in search of the very best in coastal beauty and seaside fun.

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