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Cornwall is a picturesque peninsula filled with quaint villages, Celtic ruins, seas as far as the eye can see, gardens, and so much more.

Being as large as it is, the Cornish landscapes are best explored on horseback. After all, the county has an abundance of small hills and roads that lead you off the beaten path. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also happens to be one of the safest ways to traverse the county.

From St. Ives to Padstow and Newquay, you can find plenty of places to start your family or school holidays across Cornwall on horseback. Explore the reinvigorating coasts of the county, trot through the scenic beauty and experience the landscapes as never before.

Here are the best riding tours you can find to ride through the ever-visible coastlines and the lush green hills of Cornwall.

8 Best Horseback Riding Tours In Cornwall

1. Reen Manor Riding Stables, Perranporth

On the Northern coast of Cornwall and close to Perranporth, you can start your horseback tours on the famed three-mile-long sandy beach. And for that, you may visit Reen Manor Riding Stables.

Through a variety of Cornwall horse riding tours, you can explore the surrounding duneland and leaf-covered tracks of Perranporth. Ride through the countryside to reach a pub with a thatched roof to get a taste of Cornish pub lunch. And while feasting on lunch or enjoying a pint of beer, observe your horses grazing in the surrounding paddock. 

At the Reen Manor Stables, experience exhilarating beach rides, half-day pub rides, one-hour treks or 30-minute children’s treks, as well as horse riding lessons for local children. You can choose from over 20 horses of various sizes to be your companion through the Cornish landscapes, and embark on a captivating adventure.

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2. Newquay Riding Stables

If you find yourself in Newquay while exploring the lush estates of Cornwall, why not continue the expedition on horseback?

The Newquay Riding Stables enable you to do precisely that, offering several horseback tours for all ages. Experience the county on horseback and learn the intricacies of riding a horse. Learn to trust the pony as it gallops across the county, accompanying you on a mesmerising adventure.

And for kids, the stables offer lessons by the term as well. Be it on an individual basis or in a group, they can partake in practice sessions under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.

Lastly, experienced riders can also find much to enjoy in Newquay. Traverse the scenic beaches and go on a coastal ride, with a trusted horse as your companion. Take your time observing the gorgeous landscapes of Cornwall, as there is much to observe in the county.

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3. Polmartin Riding Equestrian Site

Situated in the Cornish countryside adjacent to Lanreath, the Polmartin Riding Equestrian Site can be an option to consider to explore the county. Embark on a journey across nearly sixty acres of the Cornish landscape, riding through fields, lakes, hill tracks and hillsides. 

It’s a ride that offers an amazing experience in the countryside that is devoid of traffic or animals. Simply sit back on your horse and enjoy its leisurely strut throughout the distance with the jaw-dropping Cornish landscapes serving as a backdrop. You may also stop along the way for pictures, birdwatching or simply breathe in the clean, fresh air. 

Partake in gymkhana-style games at the riding school and go on a trek out at Polmartin. Open to large and small groups, the fantastic experience is tailored for riders young and old.

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4. Hallagenna Horse Riding, Bodmin Moor

If you’re in Bodmin Moor, you may consider visiting Hallagenna for horse rides. Dubbed “The Horse Rider’s Paradise”, you can find several kinds of horse riding-related events and tours tailored to your preferences.

Be it scenic horse riding or pony trekking, Hallagenna provides you with access to unique moorland rides. Go on a trail ride to explore the most well-hidden nooks of Bodmin Moor with an experienced guide at the helm. Or, if you’re an experienced rider, enjoy the expansive moorland with horses who adore a speedy cross-country gallop.

Being famous for being one of the last unspoilt wildernesses, Bodmin Moor presents itself as one of the best riding options for horse riders. No matter the age or riding skills, everyone has access to the wondrous trails and treks of Cornwall.


5. Goonbell Riding Centre, St. Agnes

If you’re staying in the peaceful seaside village of St. Agnes for a while, consider going on a horse ride. For non-riders and experienced riders alike, the Goonbell Riding Centre can be a good place to start a journey on horseback.

At Goonbell Riding Centre, you can take horse riding lessons, join trainers for a hack experience, or participate in events taking you across St. Agnes. You can partake in hacks that cater to every ability, no matter the riding experience.

Moreover, you can learn more about the horses and ponies that reside in the riding centre. Here, children who are unfamiliar with steeds can get to know the creatures much more closely than what would be possible otherwise. This event is ideal for kids aged four to 16.

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6. Great Trethew Trekking

Situated just minutes from Plymouth and Cornwall, Great Trethew Trekking is a horse riding location that can help you experience the joys of horse riding. Offering a large number of activities for all ages, the trekking agency can introduce newcomers to a lovely stride through the tranquil woods.

Go for a two-hour hack on the back of a trusty steed, traversing 30 acres of gardens and woodlands, riding along with trainers and experienced riders. Alternatively, the trainer can act as a guide instead and lead your horse on foot, offering facts about the location, the horses and more.

Additionally, you can host parties and activities in the pony club. Engage in all kinds of activities catered to all ages and abilities, such as grooming, plaiting, and glittering the ponies. 

Or, if your child is an enthusiastic learner, they can become a part of the Home Ed group as well. Available each weekend, the Home Ed club is a great time for kids to meet new friends and bond with ponies at the same time.


7. Caradon Hill Trekking And Equestrian Centre

The Caradon Hill Trekking and Equestrian Centre offers you the one thing that’s the most important to explore on horseback: fun with horses. 

Situated in Liskeard, you can explore the natural beauty and learn about the historic significance of the place. Observe cattle, horses and sheep roam freely all over the landscape, making it a calming and tranquil backdrop for your expedition. Or, turn your eyes to the sea and observe the gorgeous Cornish coastline, where the foaming sea and the white sands of the beach meet. 

Go for pony trekking in Poldark country right at the edge of Bodmin Moor, and ride through several routes that cover much of the countryside. 

Spend an hour on the trek to explore the old mine works, or cover more distance by staying with your steed for two hours. While on the two-hour-long trek, find yourself in Minions and go on sightseeing across various landmarks like Cheesewring, Pony Pool and the Hurlers.

These rides are designed to be all-inclusive, so don’t hesitate to visit Caradon Hill and make the most of your time there!


8. The Peep Out, St. Michael’s Mount

The Peep Out is home to the Cornwall Swimming Horses, a herd of steeds living in the fields and woods that surround St. Michael’s Mount. That’s right, you can go for a swim on horseback in the nearby bay.

While it may seem outlandish at first glance, the Cornwall Swimming Horses are fully trained to swim in the bay. No matter the age, riders both old and young can partake in an experience that is truly one of a kind. The ride is tailored to the rider’s needs, and each horse is accompanied by an experienced CSH handler.

Experience the lovely sights from the bay, feel the breeze brush past your ears as your steed gallops across the local beach or swims through the waters. And, if you’re a seasoned rider, even more options open up to you, from foraging to carriage driving and western horse riding.

So, visit The Peep Out and find a unique and unusual experience on the back of a horse trained well by a friendly staff.

St. Michael’s Mount

Finishing Up

Horses can provide both a thrilling ride, or a leisurely stride through the Cornish countryside. There is something undeniably calming about a horse ride, making it an experience that is worth your while.

And going on a horse riding holiday across the Cornish landscapes elevates the sightseeing to a whole new level. It’s no wonder that tourists flock to these lands to experience natural beauty in new and exciting ways, even if they’ve never ridden a horse before. 

If you’re one for carriages over horse rides, consider renting one out when you visit Cornwall. It is a quaint experience that helps you take in the scenery at a relatively slower pace, which can suit most prospective riders and families.

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