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Driving around the countryside or racing on a go-kart track are activities that are exhilarating and fun to boot.

There is an undeniable charm to the small yet powerful karts used to race around tracks. Moving at high speeds around tight corners can quickly get the adrenaline pumping in your veins. The same can be said about driving tours as well, which can offer a different flavour of thrill to the riders.

It’s only natural that you seek such an experience in Cornwall, with its gorgeous vistas serving as the backdrop. And luckily, there are tracks and tours aplenty in the English county for you to choose from. 

So, let’s take a look at the best go-karting and driving experiences you can find in Cornwall. Read on to learn all about the tracks and driving routes you can explore in the Cornish countryside!

4 Best Go-Karting Experiences In Cornwall

Chiefly, there are four different kinds of go-karting experiences to partake in during your Cornish holiday. There is a Virtual Reality go-karting experience to be enjoyed as well, which offers a unique twist to the traditional go-kart tracks. Always remember to put on protective equipment like a helmet and racing suit before riding a go-kart!

These go-karting facilities are completely safe and family-friendly, making them ideal stops for you and your kids to enjoy and have a great time. Let’s take a deeper look at each of them!

1. Coast2Coast Go-Karting

Coast2Coast is a race track dedicated to the express purpose of go-karting. You can find it near the limits of the port town of Hayle, which is about 7 miles away from Penzance.

The go-karting track has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating for everyone to enjoy. For the non-riders in your family or travel group, there is a cafe as well. You can watch kart riders zoom past corners at high speed while sipping on a latte or cappuccino.

Coast2Coast has a single go-kart track with plenty of twists and turns to keep the karting experience fun and challenging. You can find banked corners, hairpin turns, and thrilling bends that stretch out further than any other turn on the track. In total, there are 12 such corners that are punctuated by a long and a short straight.

As for the selection of karts, you may select one from three different models: Junior Evo, Single Engine Pro, and the Twin Engine Pro karts. 

These karts are segregated based on model weight and rider ages. The junior karts are designed specifically for children aged between 8 and 12. Next, the Single Engine Pro is for riders older than 12, and the Twin Engine Pro kart is for those above the age of 16.

The go-karting race track generally opens around 10-11 am and remains open until 4:30-5 pm. It’s usually open for business during the weekends or school holidays, so feel free to book a weekend slot before you visit the track.

Drives And Group Race Sessions

There are two distinct types of karting experiences to choose from: standard drive and group race sessions.

Standard drive sessions allow you to ride a go-kart for 10 minutes, the prices of which vary based on the kart model. It can cost you between £12 and £17 to ride a kart per 10 minutes you spend driving it.

As for group race sessions, you may choose from Junior Race, Standard Race, Long Race and Grand Prix sessions. Junior races are strictly limited to children, costing £18.50 per driver.

Standard races cost £22 per driver and require five drivers to participate in the race. There is a five-minute warm up session preceding the race, after which the racers participate in an 8-lap race.

The same as standard races, long race sessions merely add four extra laps and up the cost per driver to £32.

And lastly, the Grand Prix requires 10 drivers at the very least to begin. Much like standard races, the Grand Prix requires the drivers to warm up for five minutes, after which they perform 2×7 lap heats. The scores they acquire decide the finalists for an 8-lap race. 

It costs £49 per driver to participate in a Grand Prix race at the Coast 2 Coast Go-Karting track.

2. Flambards Karting 

Flambards Karting is one of the smaller tracks to go-kart in Cornwall, featuring a single 8-shaped loop with a bridge and a tunnel.

Located on the south Cornwall coast adjacent to the town of Helston, you can reach it by driving 27.3 miles from Newquay. Alternatively, you may drive 14.3 miles from Penzance to find the track.

Flambards Karting offers karts that come in two models, namely F1 and F2 karts. The former is suited for boys and girls above the age of 12 and seats one, whereas the latter caters to adults and seats two. 

For the F2 Karts, the passenger must be under 12 years old and be in the minimum driver height range of 1m and 1.5m. Flambards only allow either kart type on the race track at a time, which must be alternated between karts if there is a queue.

You can visit the track between 12 and 3 p.m on normal days, which may extend during peak season. This can also vary based on the number of staff available on a given day. If short-staffed, they may not open the track at all.

It costs about £4.50 per driver to race on the track, with each race lasting about five laps.

3. Kart World

If you find yourself around Adrenalin Quarry while vacationing in Cornwall, consider visiting the massive tracks of Kart World. Offering two karting tracks of different lengths, Kart World can provide a karting experience tailored for the whole family.

The two tracks primarily differ in length, with one being 100m long and the other being 800m long. With plenty of corners to manoeuvre around and straights to push the pedal to the metal, there is great fun to be had here.

While the kart sizes are not strictly defined, they are segregated based on the racers’ ages. You and your family or friends will have access to karts suited for 7-9-year-olds, 10-15-year-olds and 16+ year-olds. Additionally, for kids younger than 7, Kart World has electric mini bikes for them to ride safely.

You can race on the tracks for 10-minute slots, which are priced based on the racers’ ages. The prices start at £2 for the kids’ electric bikes and range between £10 and £15 for the go-karts. Additionally, the tracks have a Grand Prix racing option which costs £40 per person and is suited for 10-20 people.

The tracks are open on weekends and school holidays between 10am and 5pm for having fun on the go-karts. Be sure to book your slots online before you partake in the activities at Adrenalin Quarry!

4. St. Eval Kart Circuit

The largest dedicated karting circuit in Cornwall, St. Eval Karting has much to offer for a fun and enjoyable karting experience. It is located near the north Cornish coast and about 7.3 miles from Newquay.

You can experience the St. Eval Kart Circuit in three different types, which include the main track, the cadet track and the infant track. The main track is 1,000 m long and is suited for those aged above the age of 16 or for family racing sessions. Race your teenage kids on a 200cc kart for competitive but fun family races.

Next is the cadet track, which is 250 metres long and is best suited for kids aged between 7 and 11. In a similar vein, the infant track is for children aged 3-6 years old and is merely 50 metres long. Whether you want a family racing experience or one that caters to each member’s needs differently, you can find it all at St. Eval Kart Circuit.

The circuit features four different kinds of karts that are segregated based on the session type. Firstly, you can choose the 270cc karts that cater to those above the age of 16. Note that these are not allowed in the family racing or adult sessions for safety reasons.

Secondly, for anyone over the age of 12 are 200cc karts, which can be driven on the main track as well. Next is the 120cc karts for the cadet sessions, after which there are the 310-watt karts for the infant sessions. 

Infant karts aside, you need to book these beforehand for your racing sessions. Additionally, note that the infant karts are electric, meaning that they can’t be used in wet conditions.

The go-kart rides are accessible to all on weekdays when school is in session. And during the school holidays, you can visit the tracks on Saturdays as well.

3 Best Driving Experiences In Cornwall

Go-karting fun aside, your kids can also have fun with driving experiences in Cornwall. They can be a great way to introduce them to the act of driving and learn from fully-qualified instructors.

Let’s look at three such experiences to explore during your family holiday in the county.

1. DRiVE Cornwall

Located in Redruth, you can book a session with an experienced instructor from DRiVE Cornwall. The establishment offers driving lessons at Redruth and at the Stithians Showground, which you can find on the way to Falmouth.

During the training sessions, DRiVE offers your teenage ward a car with dual control that also has the instructor at the helm. For each session, the establishment charges £45, and the sessions are only held on Saturdays. So, remember to book a session beforehand.

The only eligibility criteria for DRiVE to accept a child is for them to be between 10 and 17 years old and at least 142 cm tall.

2. Trax And Trails

For off-road driving experiences with fully-qualified instructors, you can visit Trax and Trails. This driving institution for 4x4s is located between Launceston and Saltash, which can be seen from the A388.

Off-roading is, by its very nature, an expensive driving experience. Maintaining an off-road vehicle that ventures into muddy lands and hilly areas can be quite difficult, which is the reason for the steep tour prices. The prices for 1-hour, 1.5-hour, half-a-day and full day sessions are £80, £99, £190, £375 respectively.

3. Perranporth Driving Centre

The Perranporth Driving Centre is an institution built specifically for driving lessons. 

Here, you can learn how to drive a lorry, car, bike and more, allowing you to grasp the intricacies of driving well. There is even the option of bringing a personal vehicle and training your children to drive by your side. The option remains open to you so long as your child is 14 or older. 

For those between the ages of 12 and 14, or those who don’t own a personal vehicle, the establishment offers a car for training. This car has dual controls with an experienced instructor guiding the learner during sessions.

You can opt for a membership at the Perranporth Driving Centre for £10, after which it will cost £20 per hour for lessons. For kids, the sessions cost £50 per hour.

Additionally, the driving centre can provide you with a skid car to teach you what to do when the car skids. This session can last up to three hours with three different levels of experience. 

Firstly, you have access to the taster session that lasts 10 minutes and is priced at £25. Next is the one-hour session at £99, and the complete three-hour course will set you back by £149.

Final Word

The serene atmosphere of the Cornish landscapes makes for a fantastic family holiday. But sometimes, the mind craves something a little more thrilling to get your blood pumping before returning to the calmness of Cornwall.

Go-karting and driving experiences are activities that open up a world of unique opportunities for you and your family. You can easily lose hours upon hours simply racing on a go-kart with your spouse and kids or learning ways to drive more efficiently. If you’re single, go for a go-karting stag party with friends instead and grab a drink afterwards at a local pub.

The go-karting tracks and driving experiences listed here are a great way to add a little variety to your sightseeing tour of Cornwall. After all, simply racing a couple of hours with your friends or family goes a long way in making your vacation more memorable.

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