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Frankly speaking, Cornwall is one of those places in England that has something for almost everyone.

Not only is this southwestern county a great place for tourism and adventuring, but it is also well-suited for travelling traders and car boot sellers. Yeah, we know car boot sales are nothing new in England. In fact, they are a very common sight almost everywhere in the country.

But given the fact that Cornwall attracts a large number of tourists annually, it is naturally a great place for such markets. That is why here we have listed some of the best car boot markets that you need to check out when visiting the county. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

What Are Car Boot Sales?

Before proceeding further, let’s briefly discuss what car boot sales actually are. In case you are not too familiar with this concept, you will find this section helpful.

Car boot sales, which are otherwise known as boot fairs, are makeshift marketplaces where a large number of private sellers come together to sell different kinds of stuff. You can purchase things ranging from household goods to novelty items in a typical car boot sale. In essence, they are very similar to a flea market or a pool market.

These traders sell items from the boots of their cars, which is why it is named as such. Most of the items sold are either surplus goods or used stuff that the seller no longer requires. Naturally, the prices are pretty low, which makes a car boot sale a great place for budget shoppers. 

Such sales are usually organised in a periodic manner throughout the year. In other words, a car boot sale may be organised on a particular day and time of the week. This sets it apart from conventional marketplaces and shops, which generally operate on a daily basis.

10 Best Car Boot Sales In Cornwall

1. Bodmin Car Boot Sale (Bodmin)

One of the most popular car boot sales to be organised in the county of Cornwall is the Bodmin car boot market. This market, which takes place at Priory Park in Bodmin, is organised once a week. And with the weather permitting, this particular sale can go on for the whole year round.

That said, the timing of the market changes according to the season. During the summer months, it is organised between 7:15 am to 11:30 am. Conversely, in the winter, the starting time is pushed back by one hour for the convenience of buyers and sellers.

This market has a minimum admission charge for sellers, which is £3. On that note, the proceeds from sales are donated to the local youth football club.

Days: Sunday

Time: 7:15 am to 11:30 am (summer), 8:15 am to 11:30 am (winter). 

2. Rosudgeon Car Boot Sale (Penzance)

Organised at Rosudgeon & Kenneggy sports club in Penzance near the south coast of Cornwall, this event is another popular destination for sellers and buyers alike. The Rosudgeon Car Boot sale, which was established sometime in the 80s, attracts more than 400 sellers. You will find people selling new products, as well as traditional sellers with old or unwanted items.

The car boot sale is organised from Late March to October every year. And while buyers have free parking and admission, sellers have to pay a small admission charge depending on their vehicle type. For small vans and cars, the charges are £5, while it is £10 for larger vans.

Here, the buyers are typically allowed to enter around two and half hours after the market traders. And if you have pets like dogs, you can take them to this car boot sale too. However, you have to keep them on a leash to avoid inconveniencing others.

Days: Wednesday

Time: 7 am to 3 pm

3. Pendeen Car Boot Sale (Bude)

The sale event is organised at Stratton, which is a locality within the town of Bude on the north coast. It is considered by many local people to be the best car boots in Cornwall. That’s because it attracts a lot of buyers and sellers on a regular basis.

The event is organised almost every year from the 5th of April to the end of September. It is organised every Sunday and bank holiday Monday for the most part. However, in the month of August, it is organised even on Thursdays.

Buyers are allowed entry to the event almost three hours after the sellers. It is a dog-friendly event, which makes it a great option for pet owners. That said, it has an admission charge for both sellers and buyers. Sellers have to pay around £5 for a car and £12 for a van or any other vehicle. 

On the other hand, buyers who queue up early have to pay £5 to enter, and buyers arriving after 1:20 pm have to pay a donation. This money is collected by volunteers, who also help to set up the event. Subsequently, the proceeds from the event are donated to selected charities.

Days: Sundays, bank holiday Mondays, and Thursdays (only in August)

Time: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

4. Lanhydrock Car Boot Sale (Bodmin)

This is another good car boot sale that you can visit in Cornwall. Taking place on the Lanhydrock estate in Bodmin, this event is organised every year between April and September.

One of the many features of this car boot sale is that you will find toilets and other refreshments nearby. Also, it is a pet-friendly event, meaning there’s no need to leave your dog in the car – you can take them with you on a lead.

Sellers have to pay an admission fee depending on their vehicle size. For small cars, it is £5 while 4×4 cars are charged £6. Van owners have to pay £8, and if you have a trailer, you will have to pay £2.50 extra. 

Extremely large vehicles like lorries are not allowed to enter. In the case of buyers, the adults have to pay a mere 50 pence, while children have free entry. On that note, buyers are allowed entry two hours after the sellers.

Days: Saturday

Time: 8 am to 12 pm

5. Car Boots Cornwall (Newquay)

This particular event takes place at Chapel Farms in the city of Newquay. The eponymous organisation that is behind this event sets it up at other places around Cornwall as well, such as Mitchell, Truro Cattle Market, Penryn Campus and St. Columb Major. However, the one at Newquay is the largest and sees the highest attendance.

It is organised two days a week and runs between April and October. And while buyers and sellers need to pay an entry fee, the parking is entirely free of cost.

For sellers, the admission fee ranges between £8 and £13, depending on the size of the vehicle. If there’s a trailer, you will have to pay an extra £5. On the other hand, adult buyers have to pay £1, and children below 14 do not have any entry fee. Additionally, sellers arrive at the site and get their car boot sale listed two hours before buyers.

Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Time: 10 am onwards

6. Hayle Rugby Club Car Boot (Hayle)

The Hayle Rugby Club car boot takes place at Hayle’s Memorial Park in Marsh Lane. It is a pretty large event attended by various sellers and buyers from the region. For everyone’s convenience, it includes on-site refreshments and is open to dogs as long as they are on a lead.

This event is organised between April-September each year. And in order to enter, both sellers and buyers have to pay an admission charge.

The charge for buyers is just 50 pence, while sellers have to pay between £5 and £12, depending on the vehicle size. Apart from that, sellers queue up an hour before the arrival of the buyers.

Days: Sunday

Time: 7 am onwards

7. Carn Brea Leisure Centre Car Boot Sale (Redruth)

As the name suggests, this event takes place at the Carn Brea Leisure Centre in Redruth. And unlike many of the other car boot sales, it runs throughout the year, provided the weather permits.

Only sellers need to pay an admission fee to enter the event, meaning that buyers can enter free of cost. The amount sellers need to pay is fixed at £6, regardless of the car size.

While the car boot sale starts at the same time for both buyers and sellers, it is encouraged that the latter arrive a bit early to set up their stalls. Also, the venue includes toilet facilities nearby, which makes it convenient for the attendees. To be more precise, these facilities are located near the main public car park in the Hub Club.

Days: Sunday

Time: 7 am to 12:30 pm

8. Frogpool Car Boot Sale (Truro)

The Frogpool Car Boot Sale is organised at the Richard Jory Playing Field in Frogpool, Truro. It runs between April and September each year and takes place only twice a month.

If you are a buyer, it won’t cost you any money to enter. But if you are a seller, you have to pay a fixed fee of £3.50. In this regard, the organisers do not allow the entry of dogs or other pets at the venue. So, if you have pets, you’ll have to leave them in the car or at home.

The event has the same starting time for both buyers and sellers. However, if you need some time to set up your stall, you can arrive at the venue a bit early.

Days: First and third Sunday of each month

Time: 7 am onwards

9. Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre Indoor Car Boot Sale (St. Columb)

One of the most notable features of this car boots Cornwall sale is that it is conducted at an indoor venue, unlike the other events, which are conducted at outdoor locations. It takes place at the Cornish Birds Of Prey Centre in St. Columb, which is a fairly large barn dedicated to the care of rescued animals and birds.

Naturally, you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions when visiting this car boot sale. However, the event is organised only once a month, which can be a letdown for some visitors. Fortunately, it runs throughout the year, so that’s an advantage.

There are refreshments available on-site so that you can relax and grab a bite after spending the whole day browsing or selling. The organisers charge £7 for every selling pitch that is used by a seller. Likewise, buyers only need to pay 50 pence to enter. All the proceeds from the event go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the centre.

Days: Second Sunday of every month

Time: 10 am to 1 pm

10. Lions Club Car Boot Sale (Looe)

The Lions Club car boot sale is organised in Barcelona, which is situated in the town of Looe, Cornwall. It is one of the few events that do not typically have any admission fees for buyers and sellers. 

But if you wish to visit here during the Looe Lions Carnival Rally, you will need to pay £2 per car. This charge is applicable to everyone, and it allows access to the rally and its different attractions.

Sellers don’t have to pre-book a pitch here – all they need to do is show up on time to set up their stall. The sale starts at 7 am for sellers and an hour later for buyers, and it continues till noon. Plus, the event takes place between the months of June and September.

You’ll find all kinds of refreshments on site, such as hot and cold drinks, bacon butties and more. There are also toilet facilities available at the caravan park adjacent to the venue.


Those were some of the best and most popular car boot sales in Cornwall. Of course, if you wish to expand your range, you can attend some events in nearby counties as well, like the Cheddar car boot sale in Somerset.

In any case, you need to observe the rules of the venue when visiting such a sale. That will ensure a smooth experience and will prevent any troubles or problems with other attendees.

So, if there are some old or extra goods you wish to get rid of, you can visit these events to sell them off for some cash. And if you want to purchase some items for cheap while visiting Cornwall, you will find these car boot sales great for bargain hunters.

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