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We know you would want to go on London Eye, catch a match at Old Trafford, or explore picturesque locations in Wales.

But it won’t feel like a holiday since so many tourists stream to these spots throughout the year. Rather, we suggest heading to Brean in Somerset, one of the most beautiful places on the map. Although many people might not have heard of it, it doesn’t take away from the fact that there are several things to do in Brean.

It’s the perfect place for travelling with the family, with multiple kids’ activities, adult party spots and adventure tours. To know more, read this guide for all the details before booking your tickets.

Things To Do In Brean

In this section, we have listed the top activities to keep you engaged in Brean.

1. Tropical Bird Garden

The Brean tropical bird garden, a family-owned business, rests on the edge of the National Trust land. The area is recognised as one of outstanding natural beauty and is located a couple of hours from the beach.

You can take your kids and family to this bird park, spending a day with different tropical birds found worldwide. This bird park has been running since 1972 and has undergone several upgrades to comply with modern standards.

Once you have taken a tour of the park, you can relax in the licensed café to satisfy your appetite with hot and cold food. There are indoor and outdoor seating areas, a gift shop, and interested guests can contact the authorities to host private parties.

2. Brean Leisure Park

Brean Leisure Park is one of the top attractions for a family outing in Brean, Somerset. It’s the perfect place for people to relax and rewind, especially when it’s raining, as Bucket & Spade has several entertaining acts lined up for kids and adults.

Grown-ups can visit The Tavern, one of the prime evening destinations in the facility with cabarets. Moreover, even fussy eaters can eat to their heart’s content due to the availability of many delicious foods.

The leisure park has several eateries where you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze or walk on a sandy beach. If you don’t like walking, hire an electric vehicle or hang out at the 18-hole golf course.

3. Brean Theme Park

If you want to do something adventurous, Brean Theme Park presents the ideal opportunity for people who are more outdoorsy types. There are 40 rides in this park, suitable for people of all ages, including skydivers, roller coasters and ghost trains. 

You will also find mini-coasters for kids and a gentle riverboat ride, which presents the perfect family bonding opportunity. The park remains open from April-November, so plan your trip accordingly. 

4. Brean Splash Park

If Brean’s weather prevents you from enjoying the scenic coastal views, plan your next adventure at Brean Splash Park. This is a 6-lane, 25 m-long indoor swimming pool with heating facilities that you can enjoy all year round.

There is an additional smaller pool for kids, with designated indoor and outdoor splash zones. Parents who aren’t interested in getting the into the water and prefer the flat golden sands of Berrow Beach can relax in the lounge.

You can enjoy the gentle evening sun, go on water rides, or play the tipping water bucket game.

5. Brean Play

Brean Play is for kids aged 0-11, comprising a soft indoor play arena with 3 levels for your little ones to jump around, dive, tumble and play without getting hurt. You can also opt for day passes or annual membership to celebrate private functions or birthdays.

6. National Trust

Another exciting thing to do in Brean is visit the National Trust site, the ideal destination for nature lovers. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of stunning sites like Burnham-On-Sea, Weston Super Mare and Berrow Beach.

Moreover, on a clear day, the southern sunshine will leave you mesmerised while you can view the coastal attractions of South Wales. This local nature reserve has several attractions of rare beauty, depending on the season you choose to visit. 

Many tourists head to Brean Down Fort, also called Palmerston Fort, an ancient site where you can spot grazing animals, such as ponies, goats, and cattle feeding in the Down. People who have trouble walking over rough terrain can use an all-terrain mobility scooter for off-roading and exploring these ancient monuments with the family.

The area can be accessed directly by car, and you can park only a few yards away at the National Trust car park. It is also a pet-friendly park, and you can buy souvenirs from the National Trust shop.

7. Brean Beach

Brean Beach should be at the top of your list of things to do in Brean, particularly if you are a beach person. It lies across the road from Holiday Inn Resort and offers seven miles of beautiful sands for spending a day near the sea.

It’s a pet-friendly spot and is one of the safest beaches, with regular tidal and beach warnings, including patrolling by wardens. Stay clear of the mud-exposed sand during low tide, and you should be fine to spend a relaxing day with the family.

So, don’t forget to carry your picnic basket or cook sumptuous barbecues while building sand castles in this serene location.

8. Brean Down Nature Reserve

Among the foremost activities in Brean is a trip to Brean Down Nature Reserve, regarded as an area of special scientific interest. It has a 318 m high natural pier that extends over the Bristol Channel and forms steep drops. 

Looking at the rare plants and birds inhabiting the region, it’s difficult to imagine that the sea surrounding this area was once used for bombing during WWII. Now, tourists can walk the circular trail and go birdwatching for common species like the Great Black-Backed Gull, European Stonechat, Red Kite, Peregrine Falcon, Common Eider, and Northern Gannet.

9. Bridgwater Bay

This bay forms a part of the Somerset coastline and lies south of the Bristol Channel. The Parrett, Washford, Brue and Huntspill rivers flow into this bay and support several settlements that have come up on the coastline. 

Remember the mud flats we discussed and how they are dangerous at low tide? The same mud flats provide an important habitat for exotic flora and fauna. Authorities have also labelled this area as scientifically important and regarded it as an internationally important wetland.

To put things into perspective and highlight the importance of the region, over 190 species of birds visit the bay every year. You can take a day trip with the family and kids to discover all about wildlife, conservation efforts, and the natural beauty of this area in Brean.

10. Berrow Dunes Nature Reserve

If you visit the Berrow Dunes site, spend adequate time at the Berrow Dunes Nature Reserve. The scientifically important area is next to Bridgwater Bay and the National Nature Reserve, but the prime attraction here is the sand dunes.

These dunes are close to 15m in height and lie between Coast Road and the high water mark. But how were these sand dunes formed? Over several thousand years, the westerly winds blowing over the beaches and tidal flats deposited the sand in the area.

Here you will also find pillboxes, structures used by soldiers during WWII for protecting the land, showcasing the region’s rich history.

11. Cheddar Caves & Gorge

A little distance from Burnham-On-Sea is the cheddar caves and gorge, where you can book an open-top bus ride to take in the sights and sounds. Here you can venture into the dark depths of the cave to explore secrets hidden for centuries or walk along the cliffs for a jaw-dropping experience.

Kids can also have fun inside the caves, while adults can try rock climbing or caving. You can even hang about in Cheddar Town, where people of all ages can have a simple day out with their families. 

Make sure to taste authentic cheddar cheese and visit the town’s many gift shops to bring back souvenirs. And when you are hungry, order a cup of cream tea or dig into the assortment of chutneys, fudge and cider.

Take A Trip To Brean This Summer

Brean has several attractions, be it the stunning sea and coastline, breathtaking cliffs, or pristine nature reserves.

Instead of going to the same old tourist hotspots in the UK, book your tickets to this less-explored location and discover the beauty of Somerset. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a game of cricket in the English countryside while sipping on some tea and biscuits.

We recommend hiring a car and exploring these spots by road. You won’t face issues with accommodation or parking, as all these places are up-to-date with modern facilities. So, plan a trip with your kids and family, and relax in sunny Somerset this year! 

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