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Posted on Jul 26, 2017 by

Oysters, lobster and champagne. What’s not to love? I was delighted when Katy Davidson, a.k.a. The Oyster Lady, invited me to an oyster and lobster cookout in Newquay at the end of June.

Fistral Beach Bar was the venue, Laurent-Perrier was providing the fizz, and viola player Adam Pearson was to accompany the event with a soundtrack of classical music.

We’d envisaged a sun-drenched evening, sitting on the deck overlooking the ocean, quaffing champagne and guzzling seafood. But Cornwall pulled out all the stops for a classic summer storm, and the wind was so strong we struggled to open the car door when we arrived at Fistral.

Luckily the Beach Bar was large enough to accommodate the event inside, but Katy had to stay out on the deck in her wellies, battling against the elements, as she valiantly cooked dozens of oysters and lobsters.

Meanwhile, inside, we were cosily ensconced at our table, drinking champagne and enjoying the music.

First up, three plump oysters, sizzling from the grill and doused with Katy’s signature Bacchanal sauce, made with chillies she’d brought back from Tobago.

Much to my fellow diners’ delight, I’m allergic to bi-valves so couldn’t eat them, but by all accounts they were exquisite.

As we ate, Katy did the rounds, explaining to guests what they were eating, and passing on some of her vast knowledge of oysters.

If you want to learn more about these fascinating bi-valves, I recommend going along to one of Katy’s classes, where she will also teach you to shuck with style.

The lobsters were lined up on the grill outside, and their smoky aroma wafted through the restaurant, making our mouths water with anticipation.

They were served with a heap of chips and salad – perfect simplicity – and of course, a glass of that delicious Laurent-Perrier champagne.

Despite the howling wind and lashing rain, the evening was really enjoyable and the food was delicious. Keep an eye out for similar, upcoming events in Cornwall via Katy’s website.

Katy will be appearing at the Open Fire site, next to the Flower and Fodder Stage, at Port Eliot Festival at 4pm on Saturday 29 July.

For more information about Katy’s work, recipes, upcoming events, and a guide to oysters, visit

You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Disclaimer: We were given tickets for this event. Thank you to Katy and Fistral Beach Bar for treating us to such a wonderful evening.

Photos: Ellie Michell

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