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Mother, wife, biker, surfer and co-owner of Strong Adolfo’s café, Mathilda Friström Eldridge lives in Newquay with her just-as-cool husband John and their son, Axel.

Sweden born and Cornwall living, Mathilda is a big fan of fika, a Swedish term which generally means to have coffee, a break in the day that’s usually accompanied by cake, pastries or cookies, and appropriately, she is also a fantastic baker.

Dividing her time between the café, home, and exploring Europe in their converted van, we caught up with Mathilda to find out how she’d spend her perfect day in Cornwall…


Its taken me something like 20 years to say that I actually love waking up at home. Previously I would always dream of being out travelling, but nowadays I just love waking up in our house, in our own bed. Before Axel, our son, came along, I used to love making some breakfast and sneak it back into bed. A lazy morning was a favourite, but they’re long gone now. Having kids is the best thing, but it sure does mean no lazy mornings in bed anymore.



I’m a sucker for fruit salad, yoghurt and homemade granola, even when we plan to go out for breakfast I’ll usually do a mini version of this beforehand with a cup of Earl Grey tea, it sets me up right until I can sooth my craving for a coffee. My second favourite breakfast would be Swedish pickled herring with boiled eggs on my mum’s homemade rye bread.

We love going out for breakfast and always tend to search for homemade baked beans. I’m way too Swedish (/picky!) to be able to enjoy simple tinned baked beans. A strong favourite eating out is the veggie breakfast burrito at Gilmore’s Mexican in Newquay. If I wasn’t pregnant and if I had a babysitter, I’d head there for dinner as the pineapple and chilli margaritas are to die for!



For our mid-morning fika fix I’d go for a short coconut milk flat white and slice of cake from The Jam Jar in Newquay, such a great little place with interesting health inspired options and amazing cakes.

If it’s the weekend we usually go to Pavilion bakery to make sure we get some Swedish cardamom buns, yes you heard me right! They’ve got them, and being a Swede, I could tell from the smell that they were going to be amazing! We buy some and try to keep these for the afternoon, but sometimes they don’t make it that long.



Preferably something light like a green smoothie and a salad.



Maybe just a chilled afternoon at home; there’s always something to do and sort out with running a busy café/restaurant. I used to be very busy all the time but now I try to just chill out when I get a moment. I love hanging out with my little family, they’re the best!

If the weather is nice we’ll head to the beach for a family surf in our old ex-military ambulance converted camper van which we’ve named Jeremy. It’s awesome and we don’t get enough opportunities to go on adventures in him lately. Previously we’ve been to Sweden twice, Jersey, France and Spain too many times to remember… ah here we go, daydreaming the afternoon away with travel memories!



I love cooking, mostly. I go through phases of cooking certain things over and over until I get bored of them. At the moment we’re exploring new vegan and veggie recipes, lots of Asian food, and definitively dishes that are relatively quick to make. If we head out I love a cocktail or two at Tom Thumb‘s, then across the street to Safu for some Japanese food, both located in Newquay.



I love flopping out on the sofa in the evening. If Masterchef’s on the TV I’ll definitely be watching that. Spontaneous evening baking is one of my specialities as well, I usually end up making some type of gooey chocolate cake that will be devoured straight out the tin with some crème fraîche or vanilla ice cream. Any leftovers will work a treat for the morning after, cake is always acceptable for breakfast!

Mathilda owns Strong Adolfo’s café with her husband John, serving breakfast, lunch and delicious sweet treats every day of the week, conveniently located just off the Atlantic Highway at Hawksfield near Wadebridge.

The lunch menu changes daily and features fresh, local produce, with veggie and vegan options too. Check the café’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to get a flavour of the menu, which could feature anything from a Cajun chicken burger with fries and salad; nasi goreng with king prawns and vegetable fried rice; or a Greek style steak salad bowl. | T: 01208 816949
(Please note: the café does not take bookings.)

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