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Anna Bingham and Dan Mullay create beautiful, bespoke, vintage-inspired caravans at their workshop near Constantine.

The couple used to run a campsite, with an eclectic mix of accommodation, including many converted vintage vehicles. Their homemade ‘tin tabernacles’ proved so popular with guests that they decided to concentrate on this side of their business.

I recently caught up with Anna to find out more about the dreamy spaces that are Love Lane Caravans.


When did you and Dan move to Cornwall? What did you do in your “previous lives”?

Dan is a Truro boy and I’m a Devon lass, so it was more of a return to Cornwall when we decided to buy part of a farm nearly ten years ago. Previously we’d been doing what most kids need to do – we’d left the West Country to pursue the bright lights of London. Dan was in the music business and I was a designer in the fashion world, which couldn’t be further from our more organic roots.


What made you decide to close the campsite and concentrate on making your caravans?

Dan continued to manage bands for the first few years of our return, but I craved a new adventure. After a successful set up of our vintage campsite, and six years running it, we came to a crossroads. The renovation part of it was where our hearts were and, with our experience of designing and building the caravans, it seemed like a logical next step.


buckfast abbey door

Do you and Dan do all the work yourselves or do you have other people to help?

We now have a large workshop and a team of four or five of us working on current orders and future designs.


Who/what inspires the design? How many people can sleep in a caravan?

The tabernacles are based on the Cornish Methodist Chapels dotted around the county. We have three different sizes depending on the fit out and the number of people you wish to accommodate. These will comfortably accommodate up to four people with a bathroom and on/off grid power as required.


Which has been your favourite caravan to work on so far?

I’ve had many favourites, but perhaps my first favourite was the Hippie Bus, and also the Lavender tin tabernacle. Though these may be eclipsed by our current run of new tabernacles… We’ve been very lucky and are currently working with three great couples here in the West Country. All of them are adventurous in their ideas whilst also giving us a lot of creative freedom.


Who would be your dream client?

Everyone is a dream client as we so enjoy the process of creating what tend to be a small version of people’s dream homes. So far we have sensed that people feel freer to be experimental in terms of style and ideas because they have this ‘dolls house’ quality. This makes it really fun for all involved.

I guess my idea of a dream client takes two forms. The individual that is looking to create something truly other worldly, and the other dream client would be someone who wanted at least ten! But seriously, we would like to be a part of a caravan park revamp – or creation – and build a magical village of them.


How much does a typical caravan cost? 

Prices start at £14,500 for a building and go up into the thirty thousands for an elongated version with bespoke fittings.


Will you be exhibiting anywhere this year? Where can people see a caravan in “real life”?

Now is a great time to visit our Cornwall workshop. There are usually one or two at varying stages of completion here. There will also be one at LASSCO‘s in Oxfordshire from the end of March.

exterior 2

How do people get in touch with you?

Visit or call Anna on 07825 813808 or Dan on 0787 6593340. The workshop is a noisy place so if we don’t hear the phone, send an email or come and see us at Retallack Farm, Constantine, TR11 5PW.

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