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In a peaceful spot near Helland Bridge, close to the River Camel and on the edge of Bodmin Moor, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon Tredethy House. Set within seven acres of woodland and gardens planted with hydrangeas, rhododendrons, narcissi and bluebells, Tredethy House is a beautiful country house originating from Tudor times.

tredethy house 2

tedethy hall

tredethy bedroom

dining room

gnocchi small

Informally elegant and comfortable, Tredethy House is run as a guest house by Marco and Cristina Mombelli, offering visitors a private and relaxing retreat in the heart of Cornwall.

A place to relax and unwind, guests are invited to make themselves at home, have a stroll around the grounds, sit in the garden or read a book in the lounge.

There are 11 well-appointed and spacious bedrooms with crisp linen, soft towels and stunning views across the countryside.

The continental breakfast includes warm pastries, home made muesli and granola, local artisan sourdough breads, fruit salad, delicious home made yogurt, gourmet Italian ham and Sardinian mild pecorino cheese.

On summer weekend evenings, and throughout the year for private dinner parties, the Mombellis open their restaurant as a trattoria. With a combination of local, organic and seasonal ingredients, traditional Italian recipes and an eye for detail, Cristina produces beautiful and delicious food.

cristina and macrina

Cristina (above, left) gives us an insight to her life in Cornwall by answering our 20 questions:

What is your earliest memory?
The smell of focaccia, bakeries in small alleys and the heat of the Italian summer.

Where is your favourite place in Cornwall?
Anywhere peaceful and of outstanding beauty. Not easy to choose…

Camping or glamping?
Glamping by far.

What is the last book you read?
Always two in a row: Summer in February and The China Study.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Does it have to be one? Vanilla.

Who do you most admire?
My children and anyone with an innocent and enthusiastic attitude to life.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever spent a night?
A brothel in Reims. Really we thought it was a hotel!

Early bird or night owl?
Very early bird.

Favourite kids’ TV show?
Any animated show mastering the art of illustration. If “clever” conversation is included, that’s a welcome bonus.

What is your favourite word?
“Hi” and “joy”.

Three items you’d take to a desert island?
Tea, a cashmere jumper and the internet.

What would your superhero power be?

What’s your greatest achievement?
Building a family.

Cup of tea or G&T?
Cup of tea.

What would you choose for your last supper?
Pizza, in Naples.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
An almost all male big engineering company in London. Dreadful chauvinism. Lasted a few months.

Surf or turf?

What’s your favourite album?
Suzanne Vega, Retrospective.

The best thing about living in Cornwall is….
The ease of achieving a peaceful connection with nature.





The trattoria is open regularly through the summer season and this winter opens its doors on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings for guests to enjoy festive drinks and “small plates” of delicious nibbles in the atmospheric house.

Cristina has plans for regular guest chef appearances; keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details.

Throughout the year Tredethy House take reservations for parties of a minimum of ten people, for which Cristina offers a tailor made fixed-price menu and is now taking bookings for Christmas dinner parties.

Sample menu

Italian Antipasti: A selection of starters

Ravioli ripieni/gnocchi ripieni: Handmade ravioli and gnocchi with a seasonal filling

Il dolce: Cinnamon tiramisu’ trifle/Chestnut, ricotta and chocolate cheesecake

Salads and beautiful artisan breads breads

Three courses for £19.50 based on a table of minimum 10 guests.

Address: Tredethy House, Tredethy, Helland Bridge, Bodmin, PL30 4QS.
Tel: 01208 841707
Email: [email protected]
Please see their website for winter B&B offers:



  1. Thank you!!! It is lovely to us here.

  2. Is your trattoria open in April?

    • Hi Andy, I will forward your enquiry on to Cristina.

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