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Circle Contemporary is an art gallery, situated at Hawksfield on the Atlantic Highway between Padstow and Wadebridge, and run by Hawksfield’s director, Richard Eldridge and resident artist John O’Carroll (below).


“Hawksfield is an exciting new adventure, giving me space and freedom of expression within a creative interactive community. It’s a return to my roots as an artist overlooking a powerfully rich landscape filled with traces of ancient human habitation with its bones buffeted by the north Atlantic winds and crashing sea. My studio is open to visit, located within Circle Contemporary, and the gallery will be showcasing work from other professional artists throughout the year.”

John O’Carroll

Below is a selection of images of John’s work, which was exhibited at the time of my visit a few months ago.




The gallery delivers curated multi-media exhibitions, which are intrinsically connected to the surrounding Cornish landscape, with artwork by Cornwall-based, national and international artists.

In conjunction with the exhibitions, there is a programme of workshops, interventions, lectures and special events to engage with the local audience.


This summer’s show is entitled Perception of Light and runs from 13 June to 22 August.

This group show explores space, colour, form, pattern and memory and fills both the lower and upper gallery spaces. The collection features a dynamic range of mediums and styles; including painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

Circle Contemporary LO-RES-68[3]

The concept of the exhibition stems from a new series of paintings by John O’Carroll, which evoke a sense of memory and place; particularly referencing summers spent in Cornwall. Light is integral to the language of every work included in the show, and each artist has been selected based upon their contemporary approach to capturing its elusive scattered, shattered, dispersed, fragmented and ambient qualities.

Exhibiting artists are: John Bevan, Rachel Budd, Melanie Anne Camp, Tony Clark, Penelope Collis, Gareth Edwards RWA NSA, Benji Eldridge, Simon Gaiger, Mary Follett, Adam Halls, Peter Hayes, Sean Hewitt, Deborah Mitchell, John O’Carroll, Matthew Screaton and Vaughan Warren RAS.


Find up to date details of exhibitions, workshops and the new life drawing class on the gallery website.

Open 10 to 4pm, Monday to Saturday, or by appointment.

For more information email [email protected] or phone 07919 003165.

Circle Contemporary, Hawksfield Cornwall, Atlantic Highway, A39, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7LR

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  1. Vince and I made our first visit to Johns Gallery yesterday. What a beautiful ambience of a place. Then there is the artwork, that is full of depth and emotions from each artist displayed and those that have been. I ahd to touch the vase, and I really had not realised that I was wearing clothes that matched the vase. Umm, the energy of the Potter found me. Along with those that have and are exhibiting right now is the studio that John works in with his mind blowing pictures. A warmth in the atmosphere of the place which we both felt. Little nice interruptions as we were talking from people who also had special places with loads of goods in that were inspirational too. I cannot wait to work there doing some of my own art pieces and enjoying that with John being part of the planned day. The japanese art day is being held in July and August. Then there were the lovely people who were visitng to see the art.

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